Ordinary Days Extraordinary God

A few weeks ago a man approached my husband Matt as he was walking from his building in downtown Houston to the parking garage. He thanked Matt for not walking away and simply asked Matt if he could help him. The man never asked for money, just that he was in a desperate situation and did not know what to do. Skeptical at first, Matt asked for more information. His young son was in critical condition at Texas Children's Hospital with a clot in his brain. They are from Beaumont and were not able to get a room that night at Ronald McDonald House, so he and his late-term pregnant wife were staying in a shelter downtown. Their truck had broken down, so he was taking the train back and forth to TCH with passes the chaplain had given him. Matt felt like God was leading him, so he opened his wallet, thinking he may have at least $5, but to his surprise, there was a 50 dollar bill. He gave it to the man who was so grateful and said it was more than they needed. Matt replied "oh, no, it isn't." Just 2 years ago, we were living at TCH and the surrounding area for almost a month with Jackie, staying in the RMH rooms when we qualified, but by God's grace, in hotels when we didn't, so we could be close to our baby fighting for her life with a congenital heart defect. Now, this man could have been making it up, but Matt said if he was, then he deserved the money for trying so hard! But regardless, Matt said he knew God was teaching him obedience. It amazes me that out of all those people leaving downtown at 5 pm on a Monday, this man walked up to my husband...which reminds me of how much I love the man God gave to me, and on June 3 we will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. A friend posted this new video by Dave Barnes on her blog, "Marital romance doesn’t get a whole lot of press in our culture so we’ve gotta savor it when and where we can." Thanks, Miss Fitz.

God Gave Me You..."I've been a walking heartache...you stay here right beside me, watch as the storm blows through, and I need you...for the ups and downs...God gave me you." Click on the image to watch.


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