An Honor to Serve

This week George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, released his new book Decision Points, an "extraordinary memoir." As Governor of Texas, he contributed a writing titled On Family Values to the book released in 2000, Forever Texas: Texas, The Way Those Who Lived It Wrote It:

...while the world may be changing dramatically , remember that families are the backbone of our society.  Families must endure.  In our families we find love and we learn the compassionate values essential to make us good citizens of the world.  When the time comes for you to start your own families, I hope each and every one of you will strive to build not just a house, but a home.  It takes hard work and dedication-just ask your parents.  But home is where our hearts find peace, and home is where our dreams take wing.
Government can hand out money, but it cannot put hope in our hearts or a sense of purpose in our lives.  A successful career can put a fancy car in the driveway, but it cannot fill the spiritual well from which we draw strength every day.  Only faith can do that.
The riveting, down-home Texas-style interview with Sean Hannity at the Crawford Ranch aired last night, and in case you missed it, it is worth your time, a unique glimpse into the heart of a man who, according to a July 2000 USA Today article Bush: Faith more than a Sunday formality:

...issued the most spiritual presidential campaign autobiography since Jimmy Carter, taking its title A Charge to Keep, from a Charles Wesley hymn:

''A charge to keep I have, ''A God to glorify..." As governor, Bush sent a memo informing his entire staff that this hymn was the motto for his administration because ''we serve One greater than ourselves.''



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