Choices have consequences: failing to report child sexual abuse

A teacher, two pastors and a former principal have been arrested in a sexual assault case involving a 15-year-old boy, according to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in Colorado.
After a lengthy investigation, multiple interviews and search warrants, deputies said a grand jury indicted four people:
·  A teacher at Hilltop Baptist School, 32-year-old Terah Allyn Rawlings, is charged with eight counts of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust and obscenity-promotion.
·  The senior pastor at Hilltop Baptist Church and former superintendent of Hilltop Baptist School, 63-year-old Franklin "Wayne" Knight, is charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect and accessory to a crime. Deputies said Knight is Rawlings' uncle.
·  The associate pastor of Hilltop Baptist Church and former athletic director at Hilltop Baptist School, 57-year-old Raymond "Allen" Knight, is charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect. Deputies said he is Rawlings' father.
·  The former principal of Hilltop Baptist School, 51-year-old Jan Ocvirk, is charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect. The Penn State scandal has ignited many memories for Roxine who suffered childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather. Her family knew and did nothing! She shares a letter she wrote about the importance of standing up and protecting those young victims. SILENCE is not an option!

How Dorothy Sandusky Could Have Been Duped by Darlene Ellison in The Daily Beast

Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas failed to report a known and confessed child molester.

What's at stake: preserving and protecting the innocence of children

Protecting a program before a child


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