Chad Foster, former Second Baptist Church youth pastor arrested again on new charges

UPDATE 4/1/2013: Chad Foster sentenced to 5 years for sexual assault of a child

Investigators said Chad Foster, 33, first met the 14-year-old girl when he worked as a youth minister at Second Baptist Church in Houston. The communications continued as Foster later became a youth minister at The Community of Faith Church in far northwest Harris County, authorities said.
 "If you're a person who does a lot of fishing, where do you go?  You go to the water where the fish are. Same with predators," said Sgt. Gary Spurger of the Precinct 4 Constable's Office.  He said there are more victims in this case that he's heard want to come forward but haven't done so yet.
Investigators believe there could be other victims.  If you need to report a case, call 281-401-6228.

KHOU: Youth minister accused of raping teen now charged with online solicitation of a minor

KPRC: Chad Foster charged with soliciting a teenager online
Police say that they have the names of  7 other girls who are possible victims.
Investigators believe there could be other victims.  Detectives said, so far, all of the tips have been tied to girls at Second Baptist Church.

In October, I posted details about serious concerns raised by parents who contacted me about another former Second Baptist minister, Eddie Struble. I have a copy of a police report from October 2009 citing his stalking of a teenage boy that he met and befriended while he was the music minister at Second Baptist Church. There is also an incident number filed with the Houston police department juvenile sex crimes division. Please, if you or anyone you know, saw, suspected, or suffered sex crimes by Chad Foster, Eddie Struble or anyone else, come forward, call the police, get help and start healing. You are not to blame. You did nothing wrong. Do not go to church authorities. Go to the police. Call 911. 

*The light of truth and knowledge is our most important tool in protecting kids.


*The Guardians of Silence: Penn State's Tim Curley and Gary Schultz on trial

So why did two such powerful men - Curley and Schultz - walk away from investigating what was clearly a case of child sex abuse? The answer is a combination of ignorance, fear and ego.
The Penn State Scandal has torn down the wall of silence and like the fractured Germany, a new union has emerged and the marriage of the victim to their voice will not be shaken.
We have to let the Penn State Scandal be our call to action and leave our place on the sidelines for a better view on the world.
Speaking up about what we know is wrong is a matter of facing our own fears and realizing that our conscience thrives on the truth.
We have to educate ourselves to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse and work as a community to end the tragedy of stolen childhoods and vandalized happiness.


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