Guardians of Silence

So why did two such powerful men – Curley and Schultz — walk away from investigating what was clearly a case of child sex abuse? The answer is a combination of ignorance, fear and ego. 
The Penn State Scandal has torn down the wall of silence and like the fractured Germany, a new union has emerged and the marriage of the victim to their voice will not be shaken.
We have to let the Penn State Scandal be our call to action and leave our place on the sidelines for a better view on the world.
Speaking up about what we know is wrong is a matter of facing our own fears and realizing that our conscience thrives on the truth
We have to educate ourselves to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse and work as a community to end the tragedy of stolen childhoods and vandalized happiness. 
The only prudent choice is to protect children at all costs by erring on the side of caution. - my statement for a story in the Associated Baptist Press

Childhood sexual abuse thrives in secrecy- Denver Post - letter to the editor

I am writing to speak on behalf of the victims of childhood sexual abuse. Having been sexually abused as a young boy at Boy Scout camp, I know the shame, aloneness and powerlessness that I have felt because of this. The disturbing abuse at Penn State makes me realize that the shame that kept me from speaking is what enables abusers to go undetected. Abuse thrives in secrecy. The healing of abuse begins with speaking the truth of it. It is important for those of us who have been wounded by this to speak out, in order to heal ourselves and to encourage and support other victims to speak out.
Let us put the shame back where it belongs and is needed, on the abuser and the institutions which have enabled this abuse to occur. Putting an end to child sexual abuse starts with truth and accountability, not damage control.

John Isaacs, Carbondale 


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