Church musician accused of sexually assaulting teen inside Fort Bend County church

Investigators said Grimsley contacted the teen through Facebook, where he posted pictures of himself playing the guitar. Brady said Grimsely also sent the girl text messages. He tried to get the girl to meet with him again and asked her to send him pictures of certain body parts, investigators said. The teen's family found the messages and called detectives, officials said.
Grimsley is accused of assaulting the teen at Zion Watchtower Baptist Church in Richmond, Texas.

Thankfully this child's family members were observant and found the messages from this abuser to her and contacted law enforcement immediately, rather than report it to church authorities. Kids are always safer when child sex crimes are reported to law enforcement as soon as these crimes are discovered so that abusers are exposed and investigated by professionals.

Hopefully anyone who saw, suffered or suspected child sex crimes or has knowledge of such by Mr. Grimsley will contact law enforcement immediately. Call 911 or the TX abuse hotline at 1-800-252-5400.

A case in Florida should be a wake-up call for all Baptist churches: 

The light of knowledge and truth is our most important tool to protect kids.


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