Not to be blind. Not to be silent.

"Powerful talk that can be applied to abuses in the Church & those that speak out." - Boz Tchividjian

Freedom doesn't exist if you don't use it.
I found myself in this cause, and I'll never be the same.
These are people of immense persistence, an absolute determination not to be blind, not to be silent. 
The really important thing about Gayla is she's ordinary. She's like you, and she's like me. She had freedom, and she was ready to use it. 

In my own personal experience of speaking up about child sex abuse in the Baptist church, beginning with Prestonwood Baptist Church and the abuse by my former minister John Langworthy, I have encountered both silence and shunning by those in positions of leadership there and among the SBC, even a personal  rejection by my parents who stated they do not want me in their lives. A few months ago, I encountered a disturbing tone of "willful blindness" in a phone call from a pastor, Doug Bischoff, at our then church, Houston's First Baptist. This pastor called to chastise me about my blog and efforts to shine the light of truth about child sex abuse within Southern Baptist churches, saying, "I'm confused. You don't see it as a problem?" This call took place just days ahead of the annual SBC meeting in Houston.

Not Marked.
This had slowed the healing down because it had caused the crime to remain in darkness. It had enabled the shame to get an ugly foot hold.
As ugly and painful as it is to have had my eyes fully open to these crimes done in darkness and covered up by those who should be shining the brightest light, I have found the freedom to speak up. No longer blind. No longer silent.

You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. - William Wilberforce


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