Sunday, December 15, 2013

Those pesky, blogging "watchdoggers": woof. Who let them out?

Jack Graham Tells the Church to Get "As Far Away As Possible" from Those Who Criticize the Church from FBCJax Watchdog on Vimeo.

Jack Graham Explains How to Have Your Best Christmas: Shun Church Critics, Especially Those "Watchdoggers"

But why would Jack Graham want to use his pulpit to tell his church members to not read blogs, to basically shun all people who criticize the church or pastors? Because it was a blogger who helped begin the process of calling Graham's church to explain why they failed to report pedophile John Langworthy to police, resulting in the pedophile moving to Mississippi where he molested more children.

Amy Smith is probably one of the "bloggers" that Graham would tell people to shun and stay away from.

Associated Baptist Press:
World Magazine mentioned Prestonwood’s handling of the Langworthy affair in a cover story titled “the high cost of negligence” related to the reporting sexual abuse in churches.
The article quoted Mike Buster, an executive pastor at Prestonwood who told a local news station in 2011 that Langworthy was dismissed for acting inappropriately with a teenage student. Buster didn’t say whether church officials filed a police report and replied to World’s request for further comment in an e-mail saying nothing had changed from the church’s original statement.
“Something's terribly wrong when ESPN is calling for the truth, but the church remains silent,” Smith said in her blog.
We know there are other victims of Langworthy suffering in silence from Prestonwood Baptist Church and also more victims since Langworthy returned to Mississippi after his firing from Prestonwood in 1989. He is a serial, child sexual predator. Though he is a convicted sex offender, he is not in jail. Kids are safest when predators are in jail.

If anyone has seen, suspected or suffered child sex crimes by Langworthy, please come forward, contact law enforcement, begin the road to healing, and protect other kids. You are not alone. It is not your fault. There is hope for healing and justice.

The light of truth and knowledge is our greatest tool to protect kids.

Clergy abuse was there from the beginning at Prestonwood.

D Magazine July 1989:
And contrary to the way he has represented the affairs to his supporters-claiming that he was seduced, and that the affairs lasted only a short time-Weber apparently was the aggressor. He picked out women in the church who were very attractive (and almost always blonde) and offered to counsel them or gave them tasks to do in the church. He spent time discovering their personal problems, and then used those against them. And he wrapped their relationship in a cloak of spirituality, convincing each she was special, different, one of the few who could help him serve God.
 The pattern of adultery points to a man who came to believe that the rules no longer applied to him, that what he was preaching on Sunday was meant for those in the pews, not the man in the pulpit. With the benefit of hindsight, some church leaders are beginning to see how they were used. Answerable to no one, Weber built a world of wealth and power where he hobnobbed with celebrities like Mavericks owner Don Carter, and prayed at Mary Kay Ash’s cosmetics conventions.