Friday, May 16, 2014

I Stand with SGM Victims

Megachurch Pastor Confesses to Protecting Child Molester for Years

Covenant Life Church former pastor Grant Layman admitted on Tuesday while testifying about allegations against Nathaniel Morales that he withheld incriminating information from the police about the abuse.
Public defender Alan Drew asked Layman if had an "obligation to report the alleged abuse?"
"I believe so," he replied.
"And you didn't?" asked Drew, to which Layman responded "no."

The Criminal Trial of Nathaniel Morales: Report on Day 1 and 2

Critics question support of former ministry head accused of covering up abuse

The Gospel Coalition Connection to SGM victim advocacy

Some Questions for Organizations Close to the SGM Case

Brad Sargent: My "Slate of Eight" Restitution Suggestions for SGM & CLC

Brad Sargent also did an amazing job compiling the site Prestonwood Baptist Church Silent No More

What Kind of Hard Heart?

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Amy, thank you and bless you for your ministry. You are the heart of Jesus - living water in the wilderness.