Friday, December 12, 2014

Hope for Children

We're raising money to help two young survivors of sexual abuse. These little five year-old boys deserve a wonderful Christmas. Please consider sharing a small portion of what you've been blessed with with these precious families.

In support of the brave, little survivors of child sex offender Greg Kelley and the Fight for GK cult that has mercilessly attacked them, a Go Fund Me fundraiser has been started this week by a Leander/Cedar Park area local woman, Kim Williams Frank. As a mom of child sexual abuse survivors, Kim could remain silent no more. Well done, Kim, and thank you to all who donate.

Kim Frank, in her own words to Fight for GK aka Justice Served (one in the same):

You guys need to stop this. Have you ever looked your child in the eye as they confessed to you that one of the most horrific crimes imaginable was committed against them? Have you ever sat there, internally pleading with God that what your precious baby is saying isn't true? Have you experienced the horror of learning that you unknowingly placed your child in harm’s way, exposing him to someone like Greg, someone who seems so good and trustworthy? No? Well I have. And let me tell you, that if 15 years ago while I tried to put the pieces of my children’s innocence back together, a group of people like you stood and publicly called my children liars and made it very clear that they were not believed, not supported, and in fact the cause of putting someone unjustly in jail, I would have moved away. I would have left all my belongings behind and moved my children far away from people like you. 

This is horrible what you’re doing to not only these precious little boys, but their families, and families like mine who are survivors of sexual abuse. You’re creating an environment where it’s not safe for a young child to confess abuse because you will all rally against them. You’re making it seem much easier for children to suffer the life-long (and it is very much life-long) damage of sexual abuse in private because the pain of the backlash from crying out is more than their little minds can handle. Is that what you are trying to do? 

Because Greg is guilty so I can’t think of any other reason your groups would continue on with this pointless charade. You are not a martyr, Jake. You’re not going to save the world by giving the appearance of freeing an “innocent” man. He was identified by two young boys who gave detailed accounts of their attacks. And don’t tell me you believe the kids “may” have been abused, but not by Greg. BS. My children were the only witnesses to their molestation just like Greg’s victims were the only witnesses to his abuse. 

Don’t you see…child molesters don’t molest in public. The victims will almost ALWAYS be the only witness unless they are caught in the act and that’s very rare. I don’t know how you can all read the facts and still doubt Greg’s guilt. I’m just blown away by that. I understand that you don’t want to believe Greg is capable of this. We never want to believe anyone could be capable of such a terrible crime against a child. But the fact remains that child molesters are all around us. A quick search on the internet will sadly confirm that you are surrounded by them. I’m sure the friends and families of all the child molesters in your neighborhood didn’t want to believe their guilt either, but sooner or later you have to accept it. 

Child molesters are fathers, brothers, uncles, clergy, babysitters, teachers, doctors…friends. They clothe themselves in humble, trustworthy skin while underneath, unseen by those closest to them, their blood runs cold. They can go undetectable for years, but eventually they get caught. 

Like Greg. Greg molested those boys. I am 100% positive of this. Those boys described too much for there to be any doubt. Greg admitted in an interview that he spent time with them, then turned around and said he didn’t. One of the most chilling responses I heard Greg say when asked by a reporter if he had any inappropriate contact with the children was, “In my point of view, No.” Is that the answer of an innocent man? In my point of view? But see, Greg’s point of view is very twisted. Listen for yourself here: about 1:54 into the interview. That’s the response of a guilty man, the response of a man who lies about being a marine sniper, and a man who lies about molesting children.

 Please stop torturing these families by continuing on with this. Please think about what you’re doing and support these precious children instead. You’ve said many times you want to support the children and families, so do it! Greg doesn’t need another dozen books mailed to his cell, he needs to think about his actions. Why not send books to the children instead? Greg is not the victim here. Those children are not the cause of Greg’s incarceration, Greg is. The detective didn’t botch the case and cause Greg’s incarceration, Greg did. Chief Mannix didn’t prevent a retrial by “making stuff up”, Greg did. And trust me on this one, NO parent would coach their child to say things that would get someone convicted. Hear that loud and clear!!! You coach your child for the Spelling Bee. You coach your child in soccer. There is zero benefit in coaching a child to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual abuse and putting them through all this. 

Greg molested two sweet little boys and THAT'S why they said the things they said...not because they were coached. They are the victims. And their families are victims of added cruelty at your hands by being made to feel like they are not believed or supported. My children and so many of my adult friends who are survivors of sexual abuse are being so negatively affected by this group I can’t even tell you. You are not helping Greg. You are hurting our community. You've had your shot at a retrial and it was denied. The facts are clear and what you have presented is exaggerated and skewed so it's over. 

Please pray about what you’re doing and let this end for the sake of those little boys. I’ll be delivering donations to Victim Services next week for these sweet boys. If anyone would like to contribute, please let me know. Thanks for reading this.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Emails from Morrison Heights Baptist Church pastor Greg Belser and Prestonwood Baptist Church pastor Neal Jeffrey reveal internal church investigation of child sex crimes

Last week 2 pastors in Odessa, Texas were arrested for failure to report child sex abuse by a youth minister at their church.

SNAP: Two preachers did not report suspected child abuse

KWES  NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |

ODESSA - Don and Gina Haislett, the pastor and co-pastor of Life Church in Odessa, were arrested Tuesday and charged with failure to report child abuse, a Class A Misdemeanor.
According to Odessa Police, the Haisletts conducted their own investigation into a sexual relationship he had with one victim and inappropriate text messages he allegedly sent others.
The pastors did this for three weeks without contacting officials, even after they removed De Los Santos from his youth minister duties.
"This goes on more than people realize," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur, the Odessa Police spokesman.
"And it doesn't just involve churches. It involves day cares [and] schools. If anyone is aware that there is child abuse taking place, they need to report it immediately to police. It's a crime if you don't report child abuse. It's a crime if you don't report a felony"

The Wartburg Watch and FBC Jax Watchdogs have both covered this story.

I did an interview about this story with the Odessa American:

Amy Smith, spokesperson for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, said that internal investigations at churches regarding child abuse is a common practice.

“These types of crimes unfortunately are commonly handled by the church internally just like this church did,” Smith said. “That has the effect to continue to endanger more children. Typically they try to handle it internally thinking they are doing the best thing for the church but they are enabling that person to continue abusing children.”

 “We really are glad and thankful for the police department there who are prosecuting this crime,” Smith said. “I think it will do a lot to protect kids and send a clear message to churches or other organizations who may hear an allegation of abuse and they will think twice about handling it on their own.”

Prestonwood Baptist Church and Morrison Heights Baptist Church pastors, when faced with credible allegations of child sex abuse by former music minister and Clinton High School choir teacher John Langworthy, also conducted their own internal investigations, even seeking out and speaking with victims. They were mandated to report these allegations of abuse. They broke the law and have endangered more kids by failing to report these felonies.

In 1989, when Prestonwood then youth pastor Neal Jeffrey (now an executive staff minister) and head pastor Jack Graham discovered victims of child sex abuse by Langworthy in the church, they involved church lawyers, according to an email from Neal Jeffrey. One victim recalls a meeting with Prestonwood church lawyers who took statements from him and other alleged victims. To my knowledge, they have yet to make the mandated call to police to report these allegations of child sex crimes, though, in an email to me, executive pastor Mike Buster said that Prestonwood would "cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies concerning this matter."

My dad, a former Prestonwood deacon, states that "the attorneys for the church handled it. Randy Addison was the attorney. He handled the staff. Bill Taylor was the administrative minister."

In newly published emails, Morrison Heights Baptist Church pastor and ERLC Leadership Council member Greg Belser, reveals to me and one of Langworthy's victims, that he and the church elders were conducting their own investigation into these alleged child sex crimes, without reporting this to law enforcement. One of the church elders who participated in the internal church investigation and contacted me and spoke to media on behalf of the church, is Mississippi Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. Greg Belser, going so far as to solicit information on additional victims in order to speak with them, told a victim:
As for your continued search for victims, that would be an important help to us. John is insistent that you will find none, other than just the crude and vulgar behavior. If you do find someone, we would want to talk firsthand with them and in complete confidence.

Greg Belser revealed in an email to me in February 2011 that he and the elders were conducting their own investigation that would take several weeks and that they would "formulate a long-term action plan, based on our findings." I received a call from Belser in April 2011, after they had conducted their own investigation without law enforcement, and he said that they had come to the decision to keep Langworthy on staff at Morrison Heights.

In August 2011, Langworthy confessed publicly in a morning worship service at Morrison Heights. He was arrested in September 2011, indicted, and pleaded guilty on January 22, 2013 in Jackson, Mississippi:
Langworthy, 50, was accused of molesting five boys between the ages of 6 and 13 between 1980 and 1984. The incidents happened while Langworthy was babysitting each of the children at his sister's home in Jackson and at his dorm room at Mississippi College, according to the indictments.
Two of the victims testified during Tuesday's hearing.
"I want you to know I do not hate you. I have forgiven you. In fact, my heart is sad for you in many ways," said one of the victims.
The victims said Langworthy used his position and influence in the church to gain access to them.
"These aren't isolated incidents. This is a manipulative pattern. It's sick and depraved," one of the victims testified.
The victims, now grown men, said they wanted Langworthy to know how his actions impacted their lives.
"You have caused more pain and agony in my family than any situation outside of my dad passing away this year," one of the victims told Langworthy from the witness stand.
Langworthy's wife, Kathy Langworthy, remains on the music staff at Morrison Heights Baptist Church.

Although Langworthy was sentenced to 50 years in prison, all of it was suspended, so he is not in prison. As far I know, he is still employed at a pharmacy in Clinton, Mississippi.

We hope that any others who have suffered, seen or suspected child sex abuse by Langworthy, in Texas, Mississippi or elsewhere, will call police, expose wrongdoers, protect kids and start healing. Silence only helps predators.

Prestonwood Baptist Church and the Cone of Silence

The light of truth and knowledge is our greatest tool to protect kids.