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Victims prod Ft. Worth Catholic officials about abuse

Wednesday, February 4, 2015My statement today at the SNAP media event: We are here today to prod Ft. Worth Catholic officials to do more to protect the vulnerable and heal the wounded. Specifically, we urge Bishop Michael Olson to 1. make public the personnel files of Fr. Bede Mitchel, a recently-outed predator priest, 2. post at least three more names of credibly accused child molesting clerics on his website, and 3. send a letter rebuking an Arkansas church staffer who made harsh remarks that hurt a victim, and 4.  aggressively reach out to others who may have been hurt by Fr. Mitchel and other predator priests.    Let’s take these one at a time. First, last week a settlement was announced in a clergy sex abuse and cover up lawsuit involving Fr. Mitchel and two Catholic institutions: the Ft. Worth diocese and an Arkansas abbey. The victim is a Ft. Worth woman and the crimes took place in Cooke County at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Muenster. The alleged predator is a now-deceased priest…