Blocked but not silenced

List of pastors and churches, mostly Baptist, and their supporters, who have blocked me on Twitter over the last few years as I have spoken out as an abuse survivors advocate with the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests about abuse and the lack of transparency and accountability:

I'm sure I've missed some.


Darrel said…
The ones that I do know on this list are not worth three cents. It used to be that adultery was a resume enhancer, now you have to side with sodomites and their pedophile friends for acceptance into the "big time." All of these and more will stand before the JUDGE clothed in nothing more than their own sins and give an account of their lives and every word that they ever spoke (or typed). May the Lord continue to expose the evil and glorify His Name.
Now Am Found! said…
i'd be proud to be blocked by those klown kar klowns and i wonder what they are hiding?
Eagle said…

Amy, it shows their insecurity. All this talk by CJ Mahaney and Mark Dever about being a man, leading, and being "manly" and yet they can't handle a differing points of view. I enjoy differing points of view and I find it to be very healthy. I get emails from people all across the spectrum.

I've been blocked by CJ Mahaney and Carolyn Mahaney. I wrote a post about how the SGM lawsuit helped me resolve the problem of evil, and then I called for CJ to be help accountable, and to those involved to finish the job. I tweeted it at CJ and Carolyn and got subsequently blocked.

Having read a lot about Neo-Calvinism I wrote another post asking if God foreordained an alleged cover up of child sex abuse in SGM/SGC, and if God foreordained CJ Mahaney's corruption. I tweeted it to Mark Dever who subsequently blocked me.

All this talk about being a man...what a spectacular failure. Good job! :-)
Anonymous said…
You should go for "bellevuepastor." I'm sure he'd be glad to block you! Just mention Paul Williams and ES. Oh, and Ken Whitten, if he's on Twitter.

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