"It's such a conundrum" - Davey Blackburn when asked about justice for Amanda Blackburn

At at about the 45:00 mark  Davey Blackburn repeatedly points and shoots a guy on stage with an air soft gun, shouting, "BOOM!" in his sermon at Resonate Church on November 8, 2015, 2 days before Amanda was murdered, shot in the head in her home.

Statement Analysis by Peter Hyatt of statements by Davey Blackburn in the days after the murder of his wife Amanda:

1. Statement of Pastor Finds Wife Murdered

2. Q & A: The Murder of Amanda Blackburn

3. Davey Blackburn: Life Insurance on Amanda

4. Statement Analysis Transcript: Davey Blackburn

5. Commitment in Language: Intrusion and Violence

6. "The Best is Yet to Come"

7. Pregnant Woman Homicides

8. Conclusion in the Amanda Blackburn Murder to Date

9. Davey Blackburn: The Identity of "We"

10. Arrest in Amanda Blackburn Murder

11. Blackburn Murder: Change of Language

12. "Amanda's Story"

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15. Blackburn Murder, What Detectives Think: "No One Is This Lucky!"

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Anna said…
A cult leader can be doctrinally correct but be pathological in their desire to control, dominate & bring their flock into submission to him. Using a gun as a sermon prop was just another step forward in Davey's plan to see what his church would tolerate. He did the same thing with the sexualized sermons. He exposes, then waits - no pushback - then moves onto something more shocking. It's the frog in boiling water analogy. These people will have so many things redefined and normalized by Davey Blackburn that before they know it, they are submerged in a belief system that they never would have chosen. This young man is trouble. He just the right charisma and likability to be extremely dangerous. Even if it turns out he had nothing to do with his wife's murder, he should still be considered dangerous. They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. Davey Blackburn is the pastor of a non-denomination church with little to no accountability. His singular power WILL corrupt him and that will hurt many people who fall under his influence.
Mike L. said…
So true everything you said.
mark r said…
I rarely comment like this but I think this post should be pulled down for the sake of this blog and its integrity. Say what you want about Davey Blackburn's teaching or his church is it right to post TMZ quality garbage and false conjecture about someone you don't know at all, and what on earth does any of this have to do with sexual abuse within the confines of the church? I happen to know Amanda's father personally and he is a gracious and kind Christian pastor, and supports Davey 100%!! Not to mention the police have evidence that Davey wasn't in the home and surveillance of a suspect leaving the area and a house robbed next door. Now they are saying she was sexually assaulted, I guess Davey did that too??

For the sake of your ministry to people who have really been abused sexually by the church I would encourage you to remove this stuff and apologize, because the truth will win out and make the good work that you do look far less important than the fact that you are bearing false witness against someone.

Anonymous said…
Yea the truth will come out. The truth leaks out whether the killer wants it to or not. Also, speaking for another person saying her father is 100%behind Davey when he has not issues any statements to such a statement is a form of bearing false witness
K.D. Frank said…
Anna, I agree with you totally and never thought of it like that. Each time he "preaches," his moral compass becomes broader and before you know it he's acclimated his followers to accept unacceptable behaviors.

To Mark, with all due respect, I find it difficult to believe Amanda's father supports Davey 100% as you say. His daughter and grandchild were violently tortured and murdered and I'm sure his sole focus is on finding her killer. Because of the potentially dangerous situation his grandson is in, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he were playing a role of sorts in attempt to appease Davey until the killer is arrested. If there is even the slightest of possibility that Davey was the mastermind behind Amanda's murder, and I believe there is a very good possibility he is, then the grandson's safety is in danger. What Amy does with her blog and her Twitter is bring a much needed awareness to the public regarding abuse, particularly within the church.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
― Elie Wiesel

Anonymous said…
If Davey can forgive her killer, then surely he will forgive the world for suspecting him, even more so since this case mirrors a pattern seen in several murders, incl ones involving pastors killing their wives, themselves AND through a second party.

no one gets a free pass, sorry...according to Davey, Amanda would agree and forgive both suspicions and accusations, EVEN if unwarranted...live if you preach it dude, and wait till all parties are actually cleared to be so damn blind as to give the free pass, or state he is 100% guilty either...THAT is LE's JOB
Anonymous said…
"To Mark, with all due respect, I find it difficult to believe Amanda's father supports Davey 100% as you say. His daughter and grandchild were violently tortured and murdered and I'm sure his sole focus is on finding her killer.

Hyperbole much?

There is a group of people (or perhaps just one or two people with multiple internet identities) who are getting their rocks off by imagining all types of perverted activities which they are attributing to Davey Blackburn.

What good is that? How will that help in the investigation and the (hopefully) future trial and conviction?
Anonymous said…
Davy is the one casting suspicion upon himself by his bizarre behavior. He shows no sorrow. His wife is brutally murdered and he's promoting his church. He uses the pronoun "we" when asked direct questions about his possible involvement in the murder and any other questions about Amanda. Something is way off with this guy. Plus, he attended a church for four years run by a man who is an apostate teacher. Perry Noble is disgusting and he will face God's judgement. If people can't see that, they'd better start reading their bibles. He's a deceiver, and maybe Davey Blackburn is as well. How dare he speak about he and his wife's sexual issues to his congregation. If I was there with my kids I would have run out of that place. It's amazing to me how easily people are deceived and follow after false teachers ignoring the word of God. It's a travesty. If I had been his parent and supported him, I would have been all over the news defending my son. I would have been completely outraged. But do we hear a single word from his family, no! The truth will prevail in the end. If I am wrong about his involvement, which I doubt at this point, I am 100% not wrong that he is way off doctrinally. It's funny, his brother Jono has all kinds of tweets about some of the greatest men of faith such as Spurgeon and Calvin. Davey's theology is far from that, and unchurched people who are ignorant of sound doctrine will fall for this wolf in sheets clothing. I suggest someone tell them to get rooted and grounded in the word, and then maybe they will come out of the spell they are under. The same goes for Perry Noble's herd. Maybe Davey is right when he said something good will come out of this. The bible does say God uses evil for good. If people are woken up from their slumber by this, and reject the false teachings of Perry Noble, Davey, and all the other false teachers including Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, then maybe Amanda's death won't be in vain. It's just a shame she was deceived by Davey to begin with. So sad. I'll pray God will open the eyes of His followers.
Anonymous said…
wow... this tragedy sure has attracted a rabid following of frustrated arm chair detectives.

Some of you won't be satisfied until you can find a video of the pastor eating a bowl of puppies for breakfast.
Anonymous said…
He's involved. What's the point of all of these national television interviews he's doing? Hes obviously not pleading for the publics help to find the killer. So why go on national tv? To promote his church and himself. He's an ego-driven prideful man. He's using her death as yet another tasteless marketing scheme to draw people in to his ridiculous circus of a church. No grieving husband behaves this way after a shocking and horrific murder.
Unknown said…
So much for the presumption of innocence.
Anonymous said…
He shakes his head no as he begs for information. Please keep up the good work this guy Raises red flags everywhere
Anonymous said…
I agree his body language shows deception. Plus he fake cries. Innocent people don't feel the need to put on a show of fake grief.
aliasapology said…
Davey is euphoric on stage. He is literally high being in the spotlight. I don't know if all this opened the door to demonic activity and was then given access to kill his unborn child and wife thru ruthless criminals OR if Davey is actually involved.
A spiritual hole opens up in the lives of people who peddle the gospel for their own gain. This hole lets in demonic activity and removes God's protection from one's family & all who surround them and support them.
Anonymous said…
Sure, alias, D.B. is possessed of a demon. *sigh*

Amy, you appear to have a good reputation professionally. Why do you let these whackos comment on here? It certainly isn't helping your credibility or your mission.
Anonymous said…
This man has guilty written all over him - I believe he has mental issues and the truth will out.
"His daughter and grandchild were violently tortured and murdered and I'm sure his sole focus is on finding her killer."

"Hyperbole much?"


If you believe referring to rape and an execution-style shooting in the head as being "violently tortured and murdered" is hyperbole, you probably don't need to be following this case.

Anonymous said…
Davey Blackburn gives me and my wife the creeps. Would be very surprised if he was not involved in arranging for his wife's untimely death. Just our opinion. Feel so sorry for Amanda's family, including her son and her murdered daughter.
Anonymous said…
Assuming the timeline is correct as reported, does the timeline of the gym trip seem strange? If news is correct, he left to head to the gym at 6:13 and was on the phone by 7:00 or at least 7:10 when he left the gym. He arrived home at 7:30. If it took him about 15 minutes to get to the gym, he basically had a 30 minute workout. Was that typical for him? Seems like a lot of time riding to work out 30 minutes. How long were his usual workouts?
Dawny B said…
Does anyone notice two different types of penmanship supposedly from Amandas journal entries now posted on his Twitter account? My spirit has been troubled by this purported crime since it was first reported in the corrupt media. Davey sure is public during a time of mourning that I personally would keep private for my son and family. Just sayin'
Anonymous said…
Let God move through this! You say your against abuse? How is rape, sexual assault not abuse?! Not sure what you stand for, but I stand on the word of God, and choose to love one another and build people up in the name of Jesus. Regardless of what you think this family suffered a devistating loss. Show them your love and support. God bless you guys!
Amir Larijani said…
I must admit, when I first heard of Amanda's murder, my first concern was that her husband was involved. My cynical side tends to lean in that direction, and--in at least one case I can remember (Nick Hatcheny)--a pastor had killed his wife in no small part due to his sexual fixations.

It now appears that he was not involved. Still, some of his actions in this, particularly his teaching, are areas of major concern. I would not want him leading ANYTHING at my church.
Anonymous said…
Davey is working hard to pull together his story just in time to meet with his publisher but I am a bit confused. There seems to be some contradiction here. This is the quote from his most recent blog:

"I just wish I had been there when she walked down the aisle for Jesus, her first love, her true groom. I wish I had been a peeping eye looking through the window to see her get her “first look” of her Savior. I wish I could have seen her face when from behind His back he pulled out a crown. I wish I could have seen the tears streaming down her cheeks when He whispered to her, “Well done daughter. You have fought the good fight. You have finished the race. Enter into your reward, my Warrior Princess.”

I thought Davey said he actually presented her to Jesus? Hmmmm.

" I helped Jesus present her to the Father holy and blameless."
Anonymous said…
Well, here it is, nearly the middle of August, and Davey still has not been legally charged with murdering his wife. He has not been arrested. Amanda's father is still "100% behind Davey" in his support. Thugs were arrested in the murder. Davey cleared, because, as police said, they have evidence proving Davey was not involved, along with proof the arrested thugs were.

Yet, the little arm chair detectives cling to the fervent hope that Davey killed Amanda. It would please them immensely if he did, and it looks as if they will stick relentlessly to their wild theories.

Give it up, evil people.
Anonymous said…
I think he was involved. I know this case is almost two years old, but I just stumbled upon it a few months ago. IMMEDIATELY, my suspicions turned to the husband. Yes, we all grieve differently, but at the end of the day grief, is grief. You can't escape the pain that overtakes your soul. You may not bawl your eyes out, but the pain that overwhelms your soul is undeniable. His story is like so many of the countless stories we've all read and heard about. He had help arranging the killers/break-in/murder. At least 2 other people know what really happened. Let's hope guilt gets the best of them.

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