Amanda Blackburn didn't "give her life." She was murdered.

In a video posted on Sunday, 12/6/15, shown to Resonate Church, pastor Davey Blackburn said he "wholeheartedly believes that Amanda gave her life to see Indianapolis changed." He says he's taking a step back from Resonate and needs to take time to "process" and "get healthy." It's a "bit of chaos" for his little boy Weston. A bit??
Amanda didn't "give her life" Davey. She was murdered.


Darrel said…
Yeah, goes along with being demon possessed.
Carmen said…
Amy I would like to ask a question. I've been following your posts here and comments over on Statement Analysis. I do understand you deal more with the body language aspect & Peter deals with language & my question relates to neither lol. I'm trying to figure out, based on what's being said & NOT being said, as well as actions of the
LE, if there's a clue what's actually going on? Not being involved in police work,
I don't know what's considered normal or not. Are you able to read b/w the lines
on anything about LE?
Quinni said…
I know everyone grieves in a different way, but there is something creepy about him. I get a really bad vibe that he is involved in Amanda's death.
Quinni said…
I'm getting a really bad vibe about him. The videos I've seen before Amanda's death show a man obsessed with sex, demeaning his wife, and strutting around on stage for his beloved believers.
Anonymous said…
that video is too creepy for words...
Amir Larijani said…
I remember when the story of her murder first broke. Most of my friends--Christian and non--suspected HE was likely the culprit.

Had it not been for the hard evidence to the contrary, I was otherwise convinced that, sooner or later, Davey Blackburn would be arrested and charged with the murder of his wife.

If he remarries, I feel sorry for her. That's all I can say.

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