Ex-Calvary Fellowship Downingtown pastor wanted on charges he raped and impregnated teen girl


Jacob Malone, ex-pastor to surrender on charges he raped teen girl

 WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- Police say an eastern Pennsylvania pastor wanted on charges he raped and impregnated a teen girl is out of the country but expected to return and surrender to police by week's end.
West Whiteland Detective Scott Pezick tells LNP that an attorney representing 33-year-old Jacob Malone, of Exton, has been in touch with police.
Malone was charged last week with rape, institutional sexual assault and other crimes for incidents that allegedly began in September 2014, when the girl was still 17.
The Rev. Bill Bateman says Malone worked at Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown for about 18 months before he resigned in November. Bateman says that happened after church leaders learned the girl was pregnant, and about other allegations that Malone has an in appropriate relationship with another female in another state.

Pastor charged with raping teenage girl is in Ecuador, police say
Malone reportedly met the teen when she was 12 years old. In June 2014, when she turned 17, Malone allegedly invited her to live with him and his family in Minnesota. They all moved to Exton, Pennsylvania, a month later, and Malone signed her up to go to a local high school. Malone allegedly began to assault the teen when she lived with his family in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
Police said the assaults continued while the teen attended a local church where Malone worked as a pastor. When she turned 18, he allegedly gave her alcohol on several occasions and molested her when she became drunk, police said.
In November 2015, the teen became pregnant and local church leaders confronted Malone, according to Philly.com. He allegedly admitted to impregnating her and resigned later that month.
Church spokesman Bill Bateman said leaders at Calvary Fellowship learned of the girl's pregnancy in November 2015, as well as another alleged inappropriate relationship Malone was having in another state. Bateman said Malone admitted to impregnating the teenager and resigned that same month. 

Bateman said the church was told about the allegations against Malone over the weekend. 

When church leaders confronted Malone in November, did they immediately report his confession to the police? Who reported the allegations to police and when?

Jacob and Jill Malone made the above video to announce his "self-imposed sabbatical" after his resignation and confession of sexually assaulting and impregnating a teen girl. He said they're "really excited about what God's going to do in their lives." 


JoAnna said…
Uggggghhhhh. Go to this church's facebook. They are deleting any comments that reflect poorly on the church leadership. Anything that suggests that the pastors are not telling the whole truth. Which they obviously are not. If they really told the authorities as soon as they discovered the crime (crime, not just sin), then the pos wouldn't have been able to leave the country. They are deleting any of these comments from their facebook page because then their church members might question their leadership and leave church, taking their tithing money with them. Can't have that.
It must really require some deep denial or some really good drugs for that woman to "keep sweet" like that. Either that or she has a good life insurance policy on the guy. If I were him I'd sleep with one eye open. If nothing else he'll need the practice for prison life.

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