Has Perry Noble been fired from Newspring Church?

I've heard that Perry Noble, Newspring Church lead pastor, was fired today and that it will be announced on Sunday.  Newspring is one of the largest churches in the country. It's a Southern Baptist megachurch. If confirmed, this is a huge development.

stay tuned...

I've written about Perry Noble herehere and here.


This morning I emailed Suzanne Swift, Chief Public Relations and Marketing Officer at Newspring Church, asking if Perry Noble has been fired. I received this reply this evening:

Hey Amy,

I would love to invite you to join us at church this Sunday to learn more from Perry and NewSpring Church. We will have services on Sunday at 9:15am, 11:15am, 4pm or 6pm at our Anderson Campus, located at 2940 Concord Road.

Suzanne Swift
Chief Public Relations and Marketing Officer
NewSpring Church



Anonymous said…
Any news on this?
Anonymous said…
Lots of secrets at Newspring. Open your eyes and ye shall see all the wolves in sheep's clothing.
Anonymous said…
pastor perry is a annointed preacher God says touch not my annointed so be careful how you speak against a preacher
Anonymous said…
The Bible was referring to beating or killing them, not speaking out against wrongdoing...

The stongest rebukes by Jesus were reserved for Religious leaders
Burwell Stark said…
Anon #3 - Are you serious? Unless you are being sarcastic (which is giving you the benefit of the doubt), then you are sadly mistaken. PN may be a speaker, but he is not an annointed preacher. And even if he was, the verse you are referring to (Ps 105:15 - Touch not my annointed ones, do my prophets no harm...) is a reference to Abraham and the Patriarchs, NOT pastors. Remember, Paul says to openly and publicly rebuke pastors/elders who sin.
Anonymous said…
we all sin but were to uplift pastor God is the judge not us your sin is just as bad as everyones sin including perry
The Sneeds said…
You don't think he is an anointed speaker? They have led more than 100k people to Christ. Seems pretty anointed to me.
Anonymous said…
satan has more than 100k followers, he must be 'annointed' too. I think Hitler had a few also.

Herd mentality is not a standard of righteousness. The major majority was wrong in Noah's day.

For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. - Matthew 24:24 ESV
Anonymous said…
ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. —"Upstate megachurch NewSpring Church leaders have removed the pastor, Perry Noble.

Pastor Shane Duffey made the announced during Sunday's service.

Duffey read a statement from church officials that said "Perry has made some unfortunate decisions" and that "he is no longer qualified" to continue as pastor.

The decision was based on Noble's personal behavior and spiritual work and included issues with alcohol and marital issues.

Noble's departure was effective July 1."

Meh0123455 said…
Perry noble was removed as lead pastor effective July 1st, according to announcement made in service today. There will be information on their website available today. Alcohol overuse and marraige neglect were cited as the reasons and it was said that there was no domestic abuse or serial sin involved
Meh0123455 said…
Perry NOBLE has been removed as lead pastor effective July 1, citing alcohol "overuse" and marraige neglect as the reasons. It was said that there has been no sexy all sin and no domestic abuse. This was announced at this mornings service and info will be available on the newspring website at some point.
Anonymous said…
In support of comment #4, perhaps reading this will clear up what being anointed is Biblically - http://graceambassadors.com/tradition/what-pastors-should-tell-you-anointing . Another good reference here: http://www.gotquestions.org/anointed.html

I just fear that people who elevate Perry will be disturbed by today's confirmation of the news.

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