Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pastor Davey Blackburn says he and his church are an "overnight success" after the murder of his wife and unborn baby

Pastor Davey Blackburn :: A Conversation from Fresh Life Church on Vimeo.

Anonymous said...
Davey posted on Snapchat that he had been telling his story all over the world this last weekend. He was at his Uncle's church where his interview was going to be played Sunday across several campuses. Resonate had over 300 people in attendance and Fresh Life was also playing it's video interview with Davey all over it's many campuses. He is on a narcissistic high this weekend, indeed.

He is confident, forceful and seems to think he has replaced Jesus in the modern evangelistic church but poor thing just can't stop stuttering when discussing the morning of November 10th. You know the morning, where the invisible Amanda finally shows up in the story in a pool of blood and still breathing.


DB:"Yeah, uh, it was a Tuesday morning. Um, most Tuesday mornings are my long day uh at least during this season of life and so I'd wake up, go to the gym super early. Um, so this particular Tuesday morning, woke up about 4:30, spent some time in the word. Um, I remember um, actually, uh I remember sitting there at my couch and for some reason having this sense of praying over the protection of my family and uh Lord just please protect Amanda, please protect Little Evie, uh, make this pregnancy healthy and just spending some time there and, and grabbed my gym clothes, left for the gym and um, uh came back an hour and half maybe two hours later and I walked into my living room and found my, my wife face down in, uh, a pool of blood and um, she was still breathing but she was unconscious and uh in that moment and you know with, with with trauma and with uh, uh uh a tragedy and be being present in that, your world freezes and goes in fast forward all at the same time and um and so I'm panicking but, but, but going ok thinking that something had just gone wrong with the pregnancy maybe uh that, that everything was going to be fine if we just get Amanda to the hospital um. Levi interupts: "So your calling 911." DB: "calling 911, trying to." Levi: "pray" DB: "Exactly, the whole thing, the whole time the only thing I could do was say Dear Jesus, please. Dear Jesus, please. Dear Jesus please. Dear Jesus please. Levi: So it's bubbling up within you. DB: Exactly" um, I remember the E, EMS got there, um, and I felt completely out of control. Levi: "So you thought this was a premature birth or some sort of event?" DB: I thought some yeah exactly, something was going on, but I was sitting there with her waiting on the uh,paramedics,my, my mind was taking (snaps fingers)snapshots of the things in the room that were out of place and so I remember being able to recall that later when the investigators came to ask me about what was going on you know, how, how I found her." Levi: So, it wasn't a pregnancy, what had happened? Davey: "So, what had happened was someone had broken into our house and uh there were three gunshot wounds, um in Amanda and one was in her head. And so, um, I didn't find that out until we got to the hospital and so um, my world just kind of froze right there and um, um honestly, um, the family comes in and were all sitting around her hospital bed and the only thing we could think to do because we were completely out of control. Control is one of the greatest illusions known to man.

Speaking last weekend at his Uncle Ken Murphy's church, Davey said "we're going to be publishing a collection of Amanda's [private] journals."

Interview with Davey Blackburn from Cypress Church on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Founding and former lead pastor of Fellowship Memphis Bryan Loritts states Rick Trotter recorded a family member and children

Bryan Loritts told me in a public tweet that former worship leader and Memphis Grizzlies announcer, Rick Trotter, recorded one of his family members and that they did “immediately report to police and DCS.” Rick Trotter was arrested on August 9, accused of filming "upskirt" videos while women were kneeling at worship services at Downtown Church earlier this year. Memphis police stated to the Commercial Appeal that no such report was made. Fellowship Memphis says that all of Trotter’s victims were adults. Then why would DCS be contacted?

Fellowship Memphis hires crisis management firm after Rick Trotter's arrest

Rick Trotter's alleged confession

How Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church mishandled Rick Trotter's alleged voyeurism 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fellowship Memphis Church hires crisis management firm after Rick Trotter's arrest

Former Memphis Grizzlies announcer Rick Trotter was arrested on August 9, accused of filming "upskirt" videos while women were kneeling at worship services at Downtown Church earlier this year. Stotter reportedly recorded women and minors at another church, Fellowship Memphis, in 2010, where he was on staff as a worship leader from 2005-2010. After the camera was discovered at Fellowship, Stotter was fired, but church officials did not report this incident to law enforcement, according to Memphis Police Department's Lt. Karen Rudolph. Two of Trotter's alleged victims that he recorded are minors. Everyone in Tennessee is a mandated reporter under state law.  

Fellowship Church lead pastor John Bryson and Downtown Church lead pastor Richard Rieves issued a joint statement after Trotter's arrest. The full statement is here.
To ensure our congregations are fully informed, Fellowship Memphis (Fellowship) and Downtown Church (Downtown) have come together to provide a joint narrative with the facts as we understand them regarding Rick Trotter and his employment with our institutions.
Let us first say we are here for the victims. Trotter’s actions are contrary to our values, and we are deeply sorry for the suffering of the victims.
 Though Fellowship Church states that they are "here for the victims," their recent communications suggest otherwise.

The "independent outside firm" that Fellowhip Memphis has hired "to investigate any and all facts surrounding this matter" of Rick Trotter's alleged crimes is the crisis management firm Caissa Public Strategy based in Memphis and Washington, D.C..
Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis. From accidents or rogue bloggers, to product recalls or community relation challenges, crises can occur in many forms. Quick, well-thought out action, is necessary to protect your reputation and your bottom line.
It is disturbing that Fellowship Memphis has hired a PR firm to investigate information regarding allegations of criminal behavior during Rick Trotter's employment. Church members with information are instructed to contact Jessica Muntz at Caissa Public Strategy.
Her background in customer service and both television and radio news ensures that you and your project will always come first and get the visibility it needs. She's your eyes and ears on the ground.

Anyone with information about possible crimes by Rick Trotter should contact the Memphis police department, not church officials. Fellowship Memphis is directly soliciting information from members about alleged criminal activity at the church to be handled by a firm hired to help the church protect their brand in a crisis. Fellowship Memphis Church is placing their image and reputation management above all.

Comment"The individuals victimized, all adults, by this incident were notified of Trotter’s misconduct, made aware that he had been terminated, and asked whether they wanted to press charges. The victims were also offered independent professional counseling paid for by the church. It is our understanding that none of the victims at that time chose to press charges."

The above was taken directly from the joint statement issued by Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church. If only adults were involved, why would DCS be contacted? (This is info taken from Bryan Loritts' tweet.)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Dear Watch Keep, Stay in Your Lane