Pastor Davey Blackburn likens people who question him to Pharisees that killed Jesus

Last Sunday, Davey Blackburn did a Q and A session (but it was mostly him talking) with Amanda's family at Resonate Church. In his introduction he stated that the series on death has been his favorite by far and that "today we will be putting an exclamation point on the series 'What happens when you die!'"

Davey asked people to text in their questions. At about the 40:00 mark, Davey reads a question, "people I love are skeptical/in disbelief of the way you have handled Amanda's death. That is heartbreaking. What's the best way to respond to this?"


Anonymous said…

He also had this to say (see below) to say about the small sliver of people (try thousands of people) who question his behavior. These people are "really, really, really depressed, despondent people who have no fulfillment" according to DB.

41:56 You know I had a lady come up to me one time after, the service and she was like, “You know I googled your name”. I was like “Oh dear god”. Anybody ever googled me before? Mmm, hmm. She said this, she said “There are some people saying some very not nice stuff about you.” I was like “Well thank you. Hah That’s very affirming. Hehheh Now I am gonna go preach again, you know, huhhuh thanks.” She was like “People don’t like you.” Heh. I was like “Well, what you got to understand is like there is a little sliver of people, that just happen to be the loudest, and they think people actually care about what they have to say, but they live these really, really, despondent, depressed lives; where they don’t have any fulfillment themselves and it’s really sad, but they have to, they have to troll on other people’s life, and they have to; they have to try to pour salt in the wound and they have these conspiracy theories and think that everything is all this drama TV, and all this kinda stuff, and they just are miserable and misery loves company and so... I thought about, I thought, I thought about not telling our, our people about this. One, ‘cause I don’t want you googling and like, do-, racing all this stuff down, all right, but I also thought, you know what, I am a pastor and I am a shepherd and I probably better tell our people, how we should respond to that. And the bible tells us how we should respond to it. In fact, it tells us with a whole ‘nother passage that talks about god’s will.

1 Peter 2:15
For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.
Shy said…
"people I love are skeptical/in disbelief of the way you have handled Amanda's death. That is heartbreaking. What's the best way to respond to this?"

I have a suggestion for this person. Step back from the situation. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes. Use your mind.
Anonymous said…
Amy, just in case you haven't seen! Addressing the bizarro gun sermon!
Anonymous said…

Davey's new blog is very odd. He is answering why he keeps saying "Nothing Is Wasted". He talks about a "friendly" coming up to him in the coffee shop. He lists pressure as things that suck in life above heartache, loss and grief. He compares tragedy to baking a cake. You just need to read it. It is all over the place. It also includes more justification for her death:

"Because of Amanda’s death, exponentially more people are being impacted in their walk with Jesus than she ever possibly would have impacted in her lifetime."
Anonymous said…

Rock Star Jesus Pose. Oh my.
Anonymous said…
I am sure you guys have seen that Davey is AGAIN on vacation. He is at a very expensive and exclusive golf course. This time he is with Amanda's brother and brother-n-law. Are they not curious where all of this money is coming from? He is a pastor of a tiny church. Don't they know it is coming from the blood of Amanda? If my sister were killed and her hubby bought an expensive home, car and went on lavish vacations every other week, I sure wouldn't golf and vacation with him. I would spend my money on a PI. SMH
Anonymous said…
Amy, you are not going to believe Davey's latest blog. You have to read it. Unreal cray-cray. Every sentence is crazy.

"That is exactly what is happening in Indy, Elkhart and all around the world right now because of Amanda’s death. People are coming alive. People are waking up. People are receiving Christ and repenting from their former ways. All because this beautiful, righteous girl stepped into a narrative bigger than herself, one that's not dissimilar from Jesus’."
Anonymous said…
Davey took donation money for months and sold t-shirts at Amanda's funeral. Did the donors think he would place it in a college fund or start a foundation in Amanda's name? Did they realize they were funding a nice new vehicle, shiny new toys and lavish vacations? Did they think it would be going toward a 5,100 SF home with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 Baths? His master suite includes a fireplace, his or her closets and his or her toilets, jetted tub. Look at all of the fancy spaces in this home? 3 car garage, pool, sprinkler system, landscaped backyard, workout room, game room, fancy office space, etc. He also renovated it after her bought it. If I had donated the money to him, I would be demanding it back!

Here it is in the state he bought it AND then renovated it!

Thank goodness her family is raising funds for an indoor park in her name and honor. They are raising money to do something in her name while Davey spends all of his donated money on himself and a house that a pastor of 100 people could and should not own. This makes me sick!
Anonymous said…
The antichrist is clothed as sheep.
Anonymous said…
"After dialing 911, I called my dad. I'm, like, 'Dad, you just need to pray. I found Amanda. I think something's wrong with the baby. I don't know what's going on. She's unconscious. She's breathing, I don't know what's happening'," Blackburn said. "And so I just sat with her and was, like, 'Baby, just hang on. We're going to be okay.'"

Yet another version of the morning from Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!
Anonymous said…
Amy, 2017 looks to be big for Davey. Here is the latest from his sermon this past Sunday. I posted this on the SA blog but thought you would also be interested.

I transcribed the first few minutes of DB's past sermon. As usual I can only take a few minutes. Transcript begins when he starts discussing the book. The first minute he shares how many people watch the church online. He is just so desperate to think the world can't get enough of Crazy Davey and his really bad, regurgitated sermons.

A few things I observed:

1. Amanda was the vehicle for the story but her name has dropped from the narrative as quickly as that ring was plucked from his fingers.

2. Davey has an agent. (gag me) He is so important now, he has an agent. His lips were quivering with excitement as he told his congregation.

3. Davey will not stop until he is rich and super famous. He tells his church that they are just scratching the surface. It is Resonate’s Story now which I find quite manipulative. Whatever it takes to get the numbers in! If the church continues to stay small, I see him moving on and dropping Resonate from the narrative also. He will become too good and too big for such a small church (for which he failed to grow because he is a crap preacher) Now that he has an agent, he can be morphed into a better product. The Christian industry is as ruthless and greedy as any other from what I hear.

4. Dave Ramsey is going to endorse Davey and push his book. However, not everyone at the Dave Ramsey group believes CD. Amy Smith (from Watchkeep) pointed out that the day Davey came to Dave Ramsey's combine, there were several people checking out her blog in that group, most importantly checking out Davey Blackburn:Marketing a Murder Blog.

5. Davey can’t get through his first five minutes of any sermon without some kind of potty talk (crapping his pants) and he can’t help but make fun of someone (Dave Ramey’s bald head).

From DB:"Can I share something really quick before I get into week two? I was in Nashville this past week and just had a really cool time. I told you last week I was going to turn in the book manuscript in person. Got to have lunch with my editor and um my agent which is still really weird to say that I have an agent but he's super helpful, super kind, super nice and so um, uh love those guys it was really fun to sit down and talk and scheme and plan and dream about what God can do through this and the next day I got a chance to speak at Dave Ramsey’s organization, all of his staff. Anybody in here Dave Ramsey fans? You need to know this you're a Dave Ramsey fan Dave Ramsey is a big fan of you um he told me that. He’s been following this, he’s been seeing what’s going on and isn’t that humbling to think about guys that the Dave Ramsey, right? The Dave Ramsey is following what is happening here and he is rooting in our corner and so i got to speak to his staff and i was literally about to crap my pants before I got up and spoke. Like I don't get nervous speaking. I don't but I like was so nervous speaking in front of Dave Ramsey cause I just have a massive man crush on him. Makes me want to go bald one day just to look like him ya know. And he uh afterwards he came up to me and said he wants to help us get the book into as many hands as possible so he is going to endorse the book and he wants to have me on the radio show in October when the book releases. So how is the..isn’t that amazing what God is doing through our story Resonate church. Listen, I’m telling you it's just the beginning, we're just scratching the surface of what God is ringing out through the most tragic thing any of us could ever imagine going through."

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