Evangelist Amy Lambert arrested for driving while impaired in Charlotte, North Carolina

Amy Lambert is the founder of Hope Uprising in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an evangelist and speaks around the world.


The mission of Hope Uprising is to fuel an uprising of hope one person at a time. We spread hope by using unconventional methods to reach the overlooked, destitute, and forgotten people around the world. We fulfill this through four ways: AwarenessRecoveryInvasion, and Training.
Hope Uprising was formed by former drug addict, Amy Lambert.  Through Amy’s own personal journey of battling, and overcoming addiction, she was inspired to create a movement that would not only reach those without hope, but ignite passion in others to go and do the same.

Amy's story of addiction was featured here on CBN.

Amy Lambert was arrested on December 31, 2016 and charged with driving while impaired. In a new post today on Facebook, she shares thoughts on hitting rock bottom. She does not mention her arrest. I posted a comment asking if she is going to tell her followers, but she deleted it after just a few minutes. She also blocked me on Twitter after one tweet with the link to the news about her arrest.

As an evangelist and public figure leading people who are in recovery and fighting addictions, it does not serve them well if she is not being honest with them about her own struggles, and in this case, attempting to hide an arrest. It also concerning if she is not seeking professional help for her struggles and encouraging others to do so as well. Social media posts and scriptures may make people feel connected with her, but that will not suffice when professional intervention is needed.



Anonymous said…
I am sure that Ms. Lambert would tell you that there was only one perfect man. Meanwhile, down here on earth there are always those like you who are willing to profit from another's mistakes. Do you enjoy being able to drag people down?


connie said…
I just saw something on facebook saying she just died????
Connie said…
Yes....sad... but true...God bless her family
Anonymous said…
Wow. You should change your profile! Advocate for abuse survivors? "Protect the vulnerable? Heal the wounded?" You are sad. You should find out the entire story concerning Amy Lambert before tearing her apart. You should be ashamed of yourself! Grab headlines and run with them. The Bible says "Touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm!" Are you going to fill the gap and go into the highways and hedges, and alleys and reach the homeless? I think not!
Anonymous said…
The person who started this "expose" on Amy is SICK and DEMENTED..YOU ARE THE REASON PEOPLE COULD OOSE HOPE..you DISGUST me. Amy loved people unconditionally through her own struggles and I KNOW what a profound effect and hurt this had on her.. and I kno2 she forgave you. I hope in your darkest no one does to you what you did to Amy.. and be assured, it WILL COME HOME TO YOU!!
Anonymous said…
I am thankful for the truth to come to light, it seems that no one wants to say how Amy passed away and it's troubling that she was arrested for being under the influence and driving just over a year prior to her death, which came as a shock to all. It seems that the whole story has not came to the light. If Amy Lambert had simply came to the light herself and confessed her sins and her desire to repent, that would be understandable and there should be mercy and forgiveness, but to delete the post and block the person bringinger the truth to the light is troubling. There seems to be darkness not being exposed and false prophets are warned about many times in scripture that you will know them by their fruit. Eternal souls are on the line as they listen to the blind leading the blind and they both fall into a ditch. I hope more of the truth comes to light.
DSLove75 said…
I agree with Anonymous. How come there are no details concerning her death? Why cover up the arrest if it was cold medicine or something? She was an evangelist and church leader and should be held accountable.
Unknown said…
So no one knows her cause of death I know I am very late on this and right or wrong she did help me at one point in my life
Anonymous said…
Pastor Any Lambert Overdosed. She sure did use Alot of people . I'm sorry people fell for this fraud.

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