A Serendipitous Murder

This is a follow up to my posts on the murder of Amanda Blackburn. Davey Blackburn's "Nothing is Wasted Serendipity" branding campaign is in full swing.

My Davey Blackburn posts to date in order:

"It's such a conundrum" - Davey Blackburn when asked about justice for Amanda Blackburn

Pastor Davey Blackburn likens people who question him to Pharisees that killed Jesus

February 23, 2017, Peter Hyatt will be a guest on "Crime Wire" live broadcast, and will be taking your calls and questions at 9am to 1030AM EST.
Amanda Blackburn was a victim of a sexual homicide in which arrests have been made. 

Questions, however, remain in one of the most bizarre 'solved' murder cases of recent years. 

Peter Hyatt will share analysis of the case, including deception detection techniques, and what this may mean for justice.  
On February 1, 2016, less than 3 months after the murder of his wife, Resonate Church pastor Davey Blackburn formed the business titled NIW Serendipity LLC in Indianapolis. NIW stands for Nothing is Wasted, Davey's go-to mission statement since the immediate days after Amanda's murder. On November 13, 2015, one day after she was pronounced dead, someone at Newspring Church registered the domain Nothing is Wasted for Davey. He live tweeted that exact hashtag during her funeral. The day after she was shot, Davey started a fundraiser for himself while Amanda was dying in the hospital.

Davey's 1,776 square foot home where Amanda was murdered was listed for sale on February 22, 2016. It sold for $145,000 on April 22, 2016. Before his old home sold, Davey purchased a new home under his business name NIW Serendipity LLC on March 2, 2016. Davey lives there along with his best friends, Resonate Church worship pastor Derek Barrett and his wife Ashley Barrett. Davey's new home is 5,186 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. Zillow estimates the home at $455,688. He has a pool now to host parties. Resonate Church still meets in a middle school in Indianapolis with about 150-200 people in attendance.

He's moving on up and finished his book, Nothing is Wasted. He recently traveled and spoke to Dave Ramsey's staff in Nashville, Tennessee and at MOPS in Denver, Colorado.

Davey had his business name Nothing is Wasted engraved on Amanda's headstone.

No one's life should ever be cheapened and reduced to a hashtag.

A photo posted by Davey Blackburn (@daveyblackburn) on

The gun sermon, Worship as a Weapon, is the message Davey preached 2 days before Amanda was murdered, execution style, with 3 gunshots from behind, including one to the back of her head. She was also found to have scratches on her face and a tooth knocked out. It was uploaded to the Resonate Church website on November 19, 2015, just 4 days after Amanda's funeral.

full message


Unknown said…
The NIW Serendipity is the reason I couldn't find the home purchase. I even searched under the Barrett's names. Any chance you could send me his address privately? I'd love to see where he lives!
Amir Larijani said…
If Davey was behind this, the truth will come out. My guess is that the prosecution is trying to tighten the screws on the would-be triggermen to get them to spill any beans they have. That they have not implicated him in this tells me that he's not guilty of murder, but that's just based on what we know right now. That can certainly change.

But even if he's innocent of murder, he sure is acting like a groomer. If I were a parent of teens, I would not want him teaching then so much as the alphabet.
Anonymous said…
6302 Harmonridge. Indianapolis.
Anonymous said…
This is concerning! https://www.facebook.com/radiantgirlsretreat/photos/a.1610602535825704.1073741829.1590354011183890/1922133521339269/?type=3&theater
Anonymous said…
I lost some folks due to violence, some to suicide and others to drugs it still devastates me, even decades later. I think I would become physically ill if I made any type of income off of such events. I understand I am not much of a christian or even a human being, which was made very clear during my church days. I guess Im not as spiritual or love God as much as this man. brian
Anonymous said…
He loves himself, Brian. Not God.
Anonymous said…

Amy, I thought you would be interested in seeing this. "Nothing Is Wasted is the deeply moving story of Davey’s journey of despair and hardship, hope and healing, and how he has discovered firsthand that God has a bigger purpose in our pain. It is through this tragedy and Davey’s brokenness, forgiveness, and willingness to share his story that God’s presence and healing power allows triumph, victory, and forgiveness have the last word."

Man, I didn't see much despair during that circus media tour he took smiling and laughing while proclaiming "the best is yet to come." SMH

Anonymous said…
OK, so let me get this straight. This tragedy was actually an act of God's goodness and she is in heaven and would never choose to come back? It is my thought since there was an obvious struggle as she was being beaten up and shot, that maybe she wasn't quite ready to go. This guy is a psychopath and is spewing bad theology. Also, yes, it does sound insensitive!

From DB Snippet from FB live:
"Even some of our greatest tragedies is a great act of goodness. That’s loaded that’s loaded and I could write a whole book on why even the greatest tragedies and pains we go through in our life is actually God’s goodness. Would anybody argue that Amanda is not having a great time? She’s in heaven with Jesus in peace, loving every minute of it. Nobody has ever gone to heaven and longed to be back on earth. Nobody. Nobody. That can sound weird and insensitive but can I tell you something that gives me hope"
Anonymous said…

Check out the first minute. Davey is now asking his online viewers to send in money.
Anonymous said…
Are people not understanding what he actually saying?


Rebecca said…
Amy, is the attendance still 150-200? Their FB page is showing 500+ check-ins recently. I thought all his PR work must be bearing fruit.
Anonymous said…
OH.MY.GOSH. I have seen it all. Davey Blackburn is comparing his Crossfit workout to the crucifixion. He is one big hot mess!

Anonymous said…
Amy Smith, I have a task for your investigative reporter. Davey and Amanda's parents have been telling a story about a letter they received from a former classmate "Jonathan" of Amanda's who was in "Corcoran" prison in California from (at least) November 2015 - May 2016. Supposedly, "Jonathan" went to school with Amanda for only one year, in fifth grade. "Jonathan" sent a letter to the Byars in early Mary 2016. You can review the different versions of the letter story here: http://case-discussions.blogspot.com/2017/05/982016-cedarville-universitychapel.html
Anonymous said…
From Davey's Latest Blog About Rest

"I love golf. In fact my counselor nearly forced me to get a golf membership to a local country club."

You just can't make this stuff up!
Anonymous said…
He actually wrote that?!? Where can I find it? ⛳️����‍♀️
Anonymous said…
He is promoting a new podcast series on grieving. I guess he is an expert on one aspect of it. Just don't grieve! Easy as pie! Then, immediately market your new brand while your wife is being hooked up to ventilators in the hospital.
Anonymous said…
I feel bad for the woman, Samantha, that has been suckered into this fares. I don't know her, but she is very well respected in Indy. She truly is grieving. She loved Andrew, unlike the disdain Davey had for Amanda. He makes me sick. I'm sure he's rubbing elbows w/her so he can get free Pacers tickets.
Anonymous said…
Davey's latest blog is creepy. This statement of the 7th year of perfection when she was murdered really sounds like another "this is so serendipitous!" statement and kind of sickening.

From DB Blog:"Amanda passed a few months after we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. Seven. The number of completion. The number of perfection. And true to it’s meaning, it was a perfect year. The best year we ever had together."

Also, why does he keep saying she passed when she was actually tortured, most likely suffered and was terrified. She was beaten, stripped from her clothes, teeth knocked out and she suffered 3 bullet wounds, one execution style. She didn't pass! Her life was ripped cruelly from her.
Anonymous said…
Davey's latest sermon is one piece of propaganda and building himself up. He compares himself and his story to the story of Jim and Elizabeth Elliott. He says his heart breaks for the killers and that is why he is working so hard to intercept the troubled youth of Indy. Hmmm, last time I checked those kids are not on the golf course or at the latest and greatest vacation destination? They don't live near Davey's McMansion. He also talks about how Amber felt compassion for the killers as they beat her and riddle her with bullets. It is one hot mess of a sermon but when are his sermons not big hot messes?



"On a grand scale, I’m super passionate about this because, I sat in a room this past week, with one of the chaplains, of Marion County Prison, who regularly has conversations with the guys that killed Amanda. So here I am, about to preach this message on reconciliation and forgiveness, and I, and I’m looking, essentially down the barrel of, this thing that I know god has thrusting me into, kind of an Elizabeth Elliot story, but I’m going ‘god, I don’t think I have the courage to, step into it.’ And it really freaks me out."
Anonymous said…
Two things really pop out to me: The story of Davey at 7 yrs old sobbing when he realizes Jesus Christ died for his sins. He can barely squeeze a tear out for Amanda, & we're to believe he had this incredible moment with Jesus Christ? I just don't believe it. The other is, why is he randomly sitting in a car with the pastor at an event? Even he points out how random it is. This entire story is fabricated. Much like everything Davey says.
Anonymous said…

Davey Blackburn Ministries, LLC was registered by his agent Michael Head in Jan. 2017 (the same individual listed as the agent for NIW Serendipity LLC). The street address locates his office space in a retail complex across the parking lot from the Chase bank where Jalen Watson and Diano Gordon successfully withdrew funds from Amanda's card on the morning of the shooting. (Bank address: 1313 W 86th St). Coincidentally (or serendipitously?) there is a conveniently placed Starbucks in the same parking lot with a good view of the Chase bank.
Anonymous said…
Did Davey get dropped from his book deal? He is no longer on the S & S site? Larry Taylor requested the manuscript this week in a court order. Maybe this is related to
Him no longer being listed as one of their authors for now? His goal was to sell 1 million copies this year.
Anonymous said…

Were Davey and Kristi both members of LA Fitness in 2015?
Anony said…
Yes, they were. Both members of same LA Fitness on Shore Dr. Kilt gang OGs also members
Unknown said…
I've always wondered. What are the chances that they both belong to the same LA Fitness, then join the same CrossFit? About the same chances your wife would be beaten & shot while living in a cul-de-sac at 6:30 am while her husband is at the gym?!?
Anonymous said…
Davey announced he is resigning today from his church. They are out of money. He is going to blog about it later today so we know there will be projecting, blaming and his superiority. In the end, it is his church, it failed, his fault. Amanda was the soul and heartbeat of the church and she was discarded. I guess she didn’t die to grow his church after all.
Unknown said…
Apparently, Davey really wants “Nothing Is Wasted,” to not be wasted. His plan is to travel the WORLD to team up w/Ministers & teach them how to grieve. (It took Davey less than 5 days to “get over” his wife & unborn baby brutally murdered. After all, the burglars DID take his backpack with books & a computer, (as payment), so he’s “suffering,” too. Wish I could post SS’s of his farewell speech. Hoping his house is being foreclosed on, which I believe is why he is going to “travel the world.” Gotta live somewhere.
Anonymous said…
Davey is not being truthful about why he is leaving Resonate. They are in financial ruins and will most likely have to close their doors. He jumped off a burning, sinking ship and is trying to act heroic about it.
Anonymous said…
Resonate has shut it’s doors and in financial ruins. More will be coming out today. Davey left the church and remaining staff with the burden. Davey and Kristi continue with the lies that they left to pursue their new ministry. In the meantime, they are selling themselves as life coaches and asking for donations.
Anonymous said…
Davey continues to Market the Murder but Amanda's name is barely even relevant. It is he and his new wife who have bravely overcome tragedies (some manufactured as most of us know) They are now blatantly asking for donations for their irrelevant once weekly podcast. The two-year anniversary podcast about themselves was way over the top. God connected all the dots for this amazing couple to come together to help those who are hurting. Davey and Kristi love to orchestrate their story to sound like they are the godliest, compassionate, caring people in the world. It is as if they just say it, everyone will believe it. We have to remember that as soon as Davey married Kristi, almost the entire core group of Resonate members (who stayed out of loyalty to Amanda's legacy) left the church. Then by late summer of 2018, another group left. The church had dwindled to maybe 50-75 people. By early 2018, Resonate was $35.000 in debt and he and Kristi decided to drop the failed church in the lap of the Berry Family (with 4 young children) and Emily Shilts (raising a teenage foster child). They hailed it a great calling by God to leave Resonate for their Nothing is Wasted ministries which is nothing more than a once week podcast. Resonate closed their doors the next week without Davey present to take the fall. The remaining members had to sell what was left of equipment (Davey took some for his podcast)The Berry family were forced to move and rely on friends and family to support them until they finally found a new job recently. Emily Shilts was also left without a job and was dropped as the podcast co-host, replaced by one of Kristi's friends. She was never mentioned again on the podcast. This is the real couple, this is the real fruit of their lives. They have no plans to help people. IMO, they are scam artists, not wanting to work and hoping for donations from vulnerable people. Do NOT donate to them. They have already received a huge life insurance settlement for Amanda plus countless donations most likely in the hundreds of thousands after Amanda was killed. Davey set up his own donation page. They are fine. Save those donations to help those who really need help. The Blackburn family live in a mansion and vacation every other weekend. They do not need your hard-earned money.

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