Former children's minister at The Village Church indicted for 2012 child sexual assault in TX at church camp

This is is very concerning:
We anticipate and understand questions about why Matt Tonne left staff and whether this case had anything to do with his transition. We removed Matt from The Village Church staff in June of 2018 for other reasons, and we communicated those specific issues to our staff, as well as to members and volunteers in his ministry department at that time.
Were there red flags that The Village Church has not disclosed as the reason for children's minister Matt Tonne's termination in the summer of 2018? According to a Facebook post from Matt Tonne's wife Kristen Tonne, Matt was asked to leave the staff at The Village Church because of "some sin reasons." 
So back to the past few months, some not pretty things happened. My husband was asked to leave the staff @ TVC after being on staff there for over 11 years because of some sin reasons I won’t get into on social media. {if you want to know, just ask us. Come straight to us. We are an open book}.

She also posted in September 2018 that she had almost lost her husband Matt to suicide in May 2018 after "months of suffering so hard." 

Kristin shared that their family is now attending Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound, Texas. 

According to The Village Church statement, Matt Tonne turned himself in and is now out on bond. 

Along with Dee Parsons at The Wartburg Watch, I previously covered a disturbing case at The Village Church in which church leaders harassed a young woman who left their church and obtained an annulment from her husband whom she had reported for child pornography. 

The Village Church is a Southern Baptist megachurch with several locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is also part of the Acts 29 Network. The lead pastor is Matt Chandler who is president of Acts 29 Network. 

I received an email today from a longtime member at The Village Church with email communication information from May and June 2018 regarding Matt Tonne.

From: "Matt McCauley" 
Subject: Update Regarding Matt Tonne
Date: May 23, 2018 at 3:26:55 PM CDT

Kids Village volunteers and families, 
You are receiving this email because we love and care for you, and part of that care involves informing you of significant news directly affecting Kids Village and its staff. 
As of today, Matt Tonne is taking a leave of absence from staff for personal reasons. I’m sure this information raises questions, specifically regarding his care and how Kids Village will be affected. We ask that you extend trust to us, knowing that Matt’s Home Group, KV staff, and the Elders are caring for him and that Kids Village will continue to provide excellent programming for our elementary children. During Matt’s absence, we will be bringing in some temporary help for VBS, weekend services, and other needs in the elementary ministry. 
We are so grateful for Matt and his 11 years of service to The Village Church and know many of you have been blessed by his faithful work. We encourage you to pray for him and his family during this time. Additionally, we will be collecting cards to be delivered to Matt if you wish to write him a note of encouragement. You can drop your card or note off at the Kids Village check-in desk during services this weekend or next weekend. This will by far be the best and most helpful way of communicating with him. 
As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact us. Jenny Kisner and I are happy to hear from you by email, phone call, or in person. 
Matt McCauley
Family Minister--The Village Church Flower Mound Campus 

The June 15, 2018 email from Matt Chandler to church members stated that Matt Tonne was removed from his position at the church as a result of an alcohol abuse problem.

Hello Kids Village Volunteers and Families, 
I need to give you a difficult update regarding Matt Tonne. I wish I could share this news in person, but due to the amount of people involved it's best to share this with you via email as an update to our earlier news about Matt's leave of absence. 
Last week we removed Matt from his role as associate elementary minister in Flower Mound. This decision is the result of an alcohol abuse problem and is heartbreaking for all of us. Matt's preference was for you to know the specific reason for his removal rather than receiving a vague and general update about it. 
We have offered ongoing care for Matt and his family as a Covenant Member of The Village. Our hope and prayer is that he finds complete freedom, and that this action will be a severe mercy that leads him to Christ for healing and hope. If you know Matt well, please feel free to encourage him. If you don't know him well, this isn't a good time to connect with him.  
In this transition, we have brought on Jenna Marshall and Jenni Hamm to assist us through VBS. 
We know this news may be difficult to hear because of Matt's faithfulness over the years. The Elders and Pastors prayerfully believe this is what is best for both the Tonne family and the Church. If you have questions about this news, or need help on how to share this news with your kids, please let me or Jenny Kisner know. Thank you for your prayers for the Tonne family and for us as we move forward.

Christ is All,
Matt Chandler

Matt Tonne's criminal trial date is pending.

Story in The Christian Post


Anonymous said…
They write a poor me , poor us, poor Matt type of letter. Pray for him etc.

He broke the law. He broke God's laws, he broke a child..children. He drinks to excess.

What part of any of that deserves poor me. The Bible says to get rid of them from the church.

I am so sick of this soft serve attitude towards sin and lack of deep repentance.

And that wife! Cry me a river lady. Get over yourself!

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