Bill Hybels admits to purchasing and viewing child pornography in his book Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture

Bill Hybels' book Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture was published in 1989 by Scripture Press Publications which was purchased by David C. Cook publishers. Cook is currently listed as the publisher for Hybels' book in which he admits to purchasing and viewing child pornography in the guise of research. This is criminal. All child pornography materials that Bill Hybels allegedly obtained needed to be immediately turned over to law enforcement.

  • Did Hybels or his assistant report to police the source from whom they obtained these criminal materials?
  • Did Hybels or his assistant turn over these materials to police?
  • Does Hybels still possess the videos?
  • Scripture Press Publications published the book in which he admitted to crimes of purchasing and viewing child pornography. The president at the time was David Hall. Scripture Press allowed this? Did they report Hybels’ crimes?
  • David C. Cook is now the publisher of this book. Does he know? If so, has he made a report to police? Why is this book still in publication?
As a pastor, Bill Hybels was not qualified, nor was he legally able to do “research” of child pornography. This is all kinds of disturbing, wrong and criminal.

I have made a report to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

New York Times: Bill Hybels built an iconic evangelical church outside Chicago. A former assistant says that in the 1980s, he sexually harassed her.
hat in the 1980s, he sexually harassed her.


Anonymous said…
He sexually harassed her by demanding she watch the material w/ him while dressed in his bathrobe. One of many instances of abuse. Was this an incident of oral sex abuse? I don't remember the details of the NYT article. Imagine all she did not disclose. He is such a predator! Bill Hybels corroborated the admin's story in print and none of us caught it. Thanks for digging into this more, Amy!
Anonymous said…
He isn't "admitting" it. He presents it as a noble research project for the sake of his sheep. By the way, wonder if his shepherd heart even remembers the sheep with such good fishing in the Bahamas?
Amy Smith said…
Yes he is. He admitted crimes, felonies.
Darrel said…
Another demon worshipper gets a pass, what else is new? His fellow goats defend him to the hilt (Anon of 2-5-19). He will face final judgment soon enough at the Hands of the God his whole life has mocked.

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