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My interview on The Matt Patrick Show on Houston's morning news AM740 KTRH

(name correction: Amy Smith not Schmidt)

Smart. Kind. Important.

You is smart. You is kind. You is important . ~ Aibileen ~  The Help

Child sex abuse: When concern for institutional risk trumps the truth

Pennsylvania state representative Thomas P. Murt serves the 152nd Legislative District. He is the secretary of the Child and Youth Committee and chairs the Health and Human Services Subcommittee on Mental Health. As a proud Penn State alumnus who still teaches at the PSU Abington campus, he writes  a powerful article on the dire need to shine the light of truth on child sexual abuse. Here are some notable excerpts: I serve on the Child and Youth Committee and have listened to and read many hours of excruciatingly painful testimony from victims and their families describing the most heinous sexual abuse imaginable. The institutional cover-ups and subsequent ill-treatment of victims have made these terrible situations even worse. It’s a sad day, indeed, when concern for institutional risk management trumps uncovering the truth. Rather than allow myself to become protective of the alleged and convicted criminals in these institutions that I hold most dear, I am compelled by my conscience

Guardians of Silence

The Guardians of Silence- Penn State's Tim Curley and Gary Schultz on trial So why did two such powerful men – Curley and Schultz — walk away from investigating what was clearly a case of child sex abuse? The answer is a combination of ignorance, fear and ego .   The Penn State Scandal has torn down the wall of silence and like the fractured Germany, a new union has emerged and the marriage of the victim to their voice will not be shaken. We have to let the Penn State Scandal be our call to action and leave our place on the sidelines for a better view on the world. Speaking up about what we know is wrong is a matter of facing our own fears and realizing that our conscience thrives on the truth .  We have to educate ourselves to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse and work as a community to end the tragedy of stolen childhoods and vandalized happiness.   The only prudent choice is to protect children at all costs by erring on the side of caution. - my statement for a stor

Eight Common Myths about Child Sexual Abuse

Parents and anyone concerned with protecting children, which should be all of us, this is a MUST READ .