Texas teacher, top two school administrators charged with failure to report child abuse

KHOU 11 News -Houston

The top two administrators and a teacher at a Galveston County school are charged with failure to report child abuse after leaving a student’s concerns unheard for nearly three weeks, officials said.
Mainland Preparatory Academy is used to making history, as it was the first charter school in Galveston County. Now the La Marque charter school is first again—but this time it is no honor—this is the first time that school officials have been charged under a Texas Law which requires teachers, school officials, doctors and other professional to report evidence of abuse within 48 hours.
It started in December when a 10-year-old student told her teacher that she had been sexually assaulted by a family member.  After she told her teacher, no one from the school told anyone else, until 20 days later.
School Superintendent Diane Merchant, Principal Wilma Green, and the teacher Rayshonda Ashton turned themselves in on Friday to Galveston County officials, and all were released on $1,000 bonds.
If convicted all three could face up to 180 days in jail and or a $2,000 fine.
“I think that they should have been arrested, that is their responsibility. I mean, as a parent, if my child comes to you and says someone is doing this I would definitely want it reported,” said Tiffany Profitt, a parent at Mainland.
The school officials aren’t the only ones in trouble.
Derrrick Wayne Reed, 29, is charged with sexual assault.  He said the charges are bogus and he is planning to turn himself in Tuesday morning.

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