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Church musician accused of sexually assaulting teen inside Fort Bend County church

KPRC Investigators said Grimsley contacted the teen through Facebook, where he posted pictures of himself playing the guitar. Brady said Grimsely also sent the girl text messages. He tried to get the girl to meet with him again and asked her to send him pictures of certain body parts, investigators said. The teen's family found the messages and called detectives, officials said. Grimsley is accused of assaulting the teen at Zion Watchtower Baptist Church in Richmond, Texas. Thankfully this child's family members were observant and found the messages from this abuser to her and contacted law enforcement immediately, rather than report it to church authorities. Kids are always safer when child sex crimes are reported to law enforcement as soon as these crimes are discovered so that abusers are exposed and investigated by professionals. Hopefully anyone who saw, suffered or suspected child sex crimes or has knowledge of such by Mr. Grimsley will contact law enforceme

Culture of secrecy

Evidence in clergy abuse trial shows a culture of secrecy Together, the evidence pointed to a long-standing culture in the hierarchy - and at times the ranks below - that chose secrecy over transparency and the welfare of the institution over victims. "It was all about the good of Mother Church," Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington said in arguments to the judge Thursday. "They cared about money, they cared about the business of the church, not the flock and not the parishioners."

Former Kentucky player Michael Porter charged with sex abuse

USA Today Porter, who is married and still living in Lexington, turned 25 last week. The citation says he met the minor when he was "a group leader at a church function." Porter's bail was set at $22,000 and he was scheduled to be arraigned at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Thankfully this brave victim came forward and reported these crimes. It takes great courage for victims of child sexual abuse to come forward and report a perpetrator, especially when that perpetrator is a respected member of the community and befriended the child at church. But it's important that every single person who sees, suspects or suffers child sex crimes speaks up. That's the best way to protect kids, expose wrongdoing, and start healing. R ead more here:

Heritage of Covering Up Child Abuse

                                    These survivors of abuse are to be commended for their courage and bravery for speaking out. Just as in all cases of abuse, a molester/abuser does not harm every single child he or she comes in contact with. So naturally there will be members of the Homestead community who will always have favorable memories of their life there who were not harmed. While abuse may not have happened for one, this does not mean that abuse could not have happened or be happening currently to others. Alex Hannaford at The Texas Observer and Brett Shipp at WFAA are doing important work of shining the light of truth and exposing abuse, which will hopefully protect other kids, and help those abused heal. The same cannot be said of mega-church pastors like Jack Graham who have failed to report child sexual abuse by fo