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Michael Reagan shares his story as he relates his experience as a child abuse victim to the Jerry Sandusky case

Michael Reagan mentioned the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) during his interview last night on Piers Morgan Tonight . The hotline has been flooded with calls ever since from people needing help. Here is the video of that interview of him sharing his story of abuse as a child and his strong warning about child predators:   It takes everything away from you when an adult does this to you as a child. Too many wives are protecting too many husbands in the world we live in today.  [Predators] don't get better as they get older.    My abuser taught me how to throw a football, taught me how to throw a baseball, taught me how to do trampoline, taught me how to yo-yo, taught me how to do those things where I could impress my father, make me feel good about myself.   So he endeared himself to me, and then from that point, it just went to the 'nth' degree.

Secret History of Sexual Abuse: Great is the truth, and it prevails

"Prep-School Predators: The Horace Mann School’s Secret History of Sexual Abuse" appears on the front page of the New York Times magazine today. It is a detailed, moving, important, well-written account by Amos Kamil of alleged widespread child abuse at the elite private school in New York City. It is well worth the time to read it in full. A few notable excerpts: -When the Penn State scandal came out last year, I kept getting tangled in the questions everyone else was getting tangled in: How does an institutional culture arise to condone, or at least ignore, something that, individually, every member knows is wrong? Andrew’s story came back to me in a rush. The questions of Penn State, I realized, are the questions of Horace Mann and perhaps every place that has been haunted by a similar history. -But several faculty members of that era said that, to their knowledge, the school said nothing — not to the students, not to their families and not to the police.  -