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Enabling a serial child sexual predator: Prestonwood Baptist Church and John Langworthy

UPDATE: Judge rules Langworthy will face trial . If you were a victim of Langworthy’s child sex crimes in Dallas, please call Doreen in the Dallas police department at 214-671-4211. The Dallas police department wants to hear from you and she’ll be expecting your call. Doreen is the report intake specialist for the child abuse/exploitation unit and is a trained counselor. If you were or are a victim of Langworthy's child sex crimes in Mississippi, please call Josh Frazier in the Clinton Police Department at 601-925-6106  or call the main number and ask for Josh at 601-924-5252. Our hearts ache for Langworthy's victims who, once again, are being forced to wait for justice. But in one sense, the real culprit isn't Langworthy or the justice system, but his former colleagues and supervisors at two churches who chose to protect Langworthy and their institutions over children, Prestonwood Baptist in Dallas, Texas and Morrison Heights Baptist in Clinton, Mississ

Cranberry Salad

My dear friend Lori sent me this recipe 7 years ago, and it has become one of our family's favorites during the holidays. My kids love it. Cranberry Salad 2 cans whole berry cranberry sauce 1 large tart apple, peeled and cut into tidbit size (I use Granny Smith) 1 large can pineapple tidbits, drained 1 cup pecan halves 3/4 cup boiling water 1 cup cold orange juice 1 large box strawberry jello Mix together the cranberries, apple pieces, pineapple, and pecans. In a separate bowl, add jello to boiling water and stir. Add orange juice, stir. Mix both together in your serving bowl and refrigerate until jellied. I usually make this the night before serving to be sure it's chilled. Merry Christmas!