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Sex offenders in the Church like John Langworthy: Who they are and how they operate

Silence allows abuse to continue. It only helps the offender and hurts the victims. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.                                                ~ Albert Einstein  Prevent, recognize, report and respond to abuse. You can never determine whether someone is a danger to your children simply by their appearance or the things that they do, the good deeds they do. In fact, oftentimes it is those appearances and good deeds that are the necessary deception techniques for these individuals to access our children.                                                           ~  Basyle ’Boz’ Tchividjian, J.D Offenders in the Church: Who are they and how do they operate? from GRACE on Vimeo . Minimizing the Opportunities: Effective Child Protection Policies from GRACE on Vimeo . When Faith Hurts: How the Christian Community Can Serve Survivors of Sexual Abuse from GRACE on Vimeo

Dr. Anna Salter, Ph.D. in clinical psychology on prevention of sexual abuse: Sandusky, Langworthy and predators like them

risk reporter talks with Dr. Anna Salter, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, about prevention of sexual abuse What makes child molesters so successful in going undetected? Dr. Salter: Deception. They are master deceivers, both in deceiving themselves and others. I have found that there are two characteristics of sex offenders: It is in their best interest to lie. It is something they can lie about and not get caught. Sexual offenders look for opportunities in which they can minimize the risk of getting caught, and part of doing so is to create an environment in which they are liked, trusted and accepted without question. This is why religious institutions are particularly vulnerable.   Why don't more victims come forward? Dr. Salter: This is a very difficult question. In the case of child molestation, often the victim feels as if he/she has done something wrong or won't be believed when compared to a respected adult. In other situations there a

I had to get someone to listen

Yesterday, the Clarion Ledger ran the first of 2 stories about my journey to justice for the child sexual abuse victims of John Langworthy, those who came forward there to the police in August 2011. We are grateful that these victims have had their chance at justice. There may be others that he has harmed but have not come forward yet.  Langworthy is now a lifetime registered sex offender. That does not mean that anyone should get complacent. He is not in jail. He still poses a threat to kids . As of today, he still is working as a licensed pharmacy tech at Medicap Pharmacy in Clinton, Mississippi. Our Jackson SNAP leader addressed the Board with our concerns months ago at a board meeting. He was told then by a board member that if there was a conviction, the board would take action. I wrote to the Mississippi Pharmacy Board inquiring about the status of his license since his conviction of a felony. I received this reply. Ms. Smith, According to Section 73-21-97, paragraph (1

A survivor speaks in a Mississippi courtroom to Langworthy: It's about bringing darkness to light

On a cold, overcast January morning in Jackson, Mississippi, I witnessed this brave survivor speak, shining the light of truth brightly on the darkness, lies and deceit of child sexual abuse that keeps victims silent. Not on this day . He shattered the silence . I hope and pray his courage to speak will help others find their voice, victims of convicted child sex offender John Langworthy as well as other offenders. Now is not the time to become complacent. Langworthy is not in jail. We hope others abused by him will find the courage to come forward, call police, get help, begin healing and protect others. We hope others who saw or suspected abuse by John will also come forward. You may have information than can help.  John Langworthy (listed here on the MS sex offender registry) throughout his career as a music minister and school choir teacher frequently took kids on trips across the country. If you or someone you know was abused by him at any time on one of these trips, pleas