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Prestonwood Baptist Church: Silent No More

#PBCSilentNoMore- to challenge Prestonwood Baptist Church leaders to answer questions and be accountable I first learned from my mother and father that the reason for  John Langworthy 's dismissal from Prestonwood in 1989 was due to allegations of child sexual abuse. It wasn't until 2011 that I had the opportunity to speak with several of Langworthy's victims and confirm these allegations. My father was a deacon at Prestonwood in 1989.  He recently reminded my husband of some key points about the circumstances surrounding John Langworthy's dismissal from Prestonwood Baptist Church where he had been employed as the youth music minister: - There were several boys involved, and at least one of the victims was 15 when it started. - Randy Addison was the attorney who handled it for the church and was in direct contact with some of the boys and their families. - Bill Taylor , Administrative Pastor, was the point man at the church, who went on to become a director at L