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Of Questions and Cowards

[I’ve asked Amy to let me write a guest post.  I had one condition: she had to let me post it without any input, editing, or contribution on her part.  She agreed; every word below is mine.] I’ve told our story many times over the last two years.  How nearly thirty years ago John Langworthy molested several boys in his hometown of Clinton, Mississippi.  How he moved from Clinton to Dallas, attended seminary, worked at Prestonwood Baptist Church and befriended my wife’s family.  For years at Prestonwood, he molested several more minors.  I've told how Prestonwood’s leadership discovered the behavior, fired him, but did not report him to the police.  About how Langworthy quickly moved back to Clinton, got jobs at a school and a church.  And finally how my wife looked him up two years ago, learned he had been working with youth, and reported his past crimes to the authorities and the media. Thanks in small part to Amy and to several brave victims, John Langworthy has been