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Not to be blind. Not to be silent.

" Powerful talk that can be applied to abuses in the Church & those that speak out." - Boz Tchividjian Freedom doesn't exist if you don't use it . I found myself in this cause, and I'll never be the same . These are people of immense persistence, an absolute determination not to be blind, not to be silent.   The really important thing about Gayla is she's ordinary. She's like you, and she's like me. She had freedom, and she was ready to use it.   Those who refuse to be 'willfully blind' in the face of evil are often accused of being troublemakers who should be ignored or ostracized. — Boz Tchividjian (@BozT) September 2, 2013 In my own personal experience of speaking up about child sex abuse in the Baptist church, beginning with Prestonwood Baptist Church and the abuse by my former minister John Langworthy, I have encountered both silence and shunning by those in positions of leadership there and among the SBC, even a pe