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Sacrificing of Souls for the Sake of the Institution

Too often many in the Church are tempted to silence or disparage those who stand with children & plead that the Church do more to protect. — Boz Tchividjian (@BozT) October 9, 2013 Boz  Tchividjian recently joined Janet Mefferd on her show to discuss sexual abuse in the evangelical church. Rebuking abuse survivors often silences the deepest of pains while pushing these precious people away from Jesus in search of safety. — Boz Tchividjian (@BozT) October 22, 2013 Evangelical Sex Abuse Record 'Worse' Than Catholic, Says Billy Graham's Grandson Boz Tchividijian Last week the Associated Baptist Press reported on Paige Patterson's remarks to seminary students: There’s no room in the church for whistleblowers, a Southern Baptist seminary president said in a chapel sermon Oct. 15. Patterson goes on to say: Patterson said the reason grievances between church members wind up in court or the media is: “If I appeal to the church elders, if I appeal to the