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I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.  We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.  - Mother Teresa Speak up . Tell your story. Cast your stone across the waters. Do for one what  you wish you could do for all. And you're never ever, you're never ever going to stop, no matter what all this group [ SNAP ] is trying to do - the church staff involvement with kids, teachers' involvement with kids - you're never going to stop all of that - no matter what kind of crusade you go on. It's there. It's part of life. No. No it's not. It's a crime. Stories  at Child Help SNAP Mission Statement Our most powerful tool is the light of truth. Through our actions, we bring healing, prevention and justice Silent No More Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

Numbers, not souls: a culture ripe for abuse

An investigative reporter at NBC Charlotte, Stuart Watson, has done a series on the Southern Baptist megachurch, Elevation Church, and its pastor, Steven Furtick's 16,000 square foot home currently being built in North Carolina. In the most recent report , the NBC Charlotte I-team obtained a confidential Elevation report:                         Elevation is the largest megachurch in North Carolina, and one of the fastest-growing churches in the United States. The church has kept its finances secret even from donors, asking staff and some volunteers to sign a confidentiality agreement which threatens to sue them if they disclose internal numbers.  Elevation’s founding principles called “The Code” state “we are all about the numbers”, and emphasize a reliance on numbers as metrics for growth and success. In one promotional film for Elevation, congregation members identify themselves by the “number” of the order in which they joined the church.  Who R the Megachurch Le