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Those pesky, blogging "watchdoggers": woof. Who let them out?

Jack Graham Tells the Church to Get "As Far Away As Possible" from Those Who Criticize the Church from FBCJax Watchdog on Vimeo . Jack Graham Explains How to Have Your Best Christmas: Shun Church Critics, Especially Those "Watchdoggers" But why would Jack Graham want to use his pulpit to tell his church members to not read blogs, to basically shun all people who criticize the church or pastors? Because it was a blogger who helped begin the process of calling Graham's church to explain why they failed to report pedophile John Langworthy to police, resulting in the pedophile moving to Mississippi where he molested more children. Amy Smith is probably one of the "bloggers" that Graham would tell people to shun and stay away from. Associated Baptist Press : World Magazine   mentioned  Prestonwood’s handling of the Langworthy affair in a cover story titled “the high cost of negligence” related to the reporting sexual abuse in churches. The a