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Culture of abuse: victims blamed, perpetrators protected, voices silenced

DC's ABC affiliate went to Patrick Henry to ask about sexual assault. Spokesman says turn the camera off v @davidsess — Kiera Feldman (@kierafeldman) February 20, 2014 Rape culture and evangelical culture collide at "God's Harvard" Listening to Sarah from across her desk, the dean was as polite as ever. But she didn’t seem to believe Sarah’s story at all. “If you were telling the truth about this,” Sarah remembers Corbitt saying, “God would have kept you conscious to bear witness to the abuse against you.” [...]   Corbitt summoned Sarah for several rounds of questioning. “It’s my job to poke holes in your story,” Sarah remembers Dean Corbitt saying. “I have to make sure that you’re not lying to me. … I don’t think you’re wholly innocent in this situation.” The problems of rape culture are not unique to Patrick Henry College, but the confluence of its evangelical Christian worldview — which penalizes sex outside of marriage, strictl