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How to get promoted in the Southern Baptist Convention

Step 1: Cover for an admitted child sex offender. Step 2: Refuse to speak with police and prosecutors about private meetings with said admitted child sex offender, claiming priest-penitent privilege, forcing prosecutors to issue subpoenas to obtain said information. Step 3: Exert political influence and put pressure on the admitted sex offender to take the plea deal so you don't have to comply with the subpoena to testify at the trial about the information shared with you by said admitted child sex offender. Step 4: Remain silent on sexual abuse. Exhibit A: Greg Belser and Philip Gunn What Philip Gunn Did In Child Sex Case According to Hinds County prosecutors, Gunn would not allow spiritual leaders at Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton to discuss with the District Attorney's office what former music minister John Langworthy told them about his alleged child sex abuse. We asked Gunn: Should you of done that? "What I'm telling you is that the elde

Morrison Heights Baptist Church's sex abuse awareness conference irony

Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton, Mississippi is hosting a Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Conference on April 29, 2014. Today we are partnering with the Christian Action Commission of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board and Morrison Heights Baptist Church to provide Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for pastors, church staff and lay leaders.  Our goal is to equip church leaders with the skills and resources they need to keep children safe. However, with just 12 days away from this conference that Morrison Heights is hosting at their church as a conference partner, there is no mention on their church website anywhere about this conference. Why? Washington Times story on this upcoming conference:  Program for all churches to avert child sex abuse CLINTON, Miss. (AP) - A church where a former music minister admitted sexual abuse will host a program for all denominations to learn how to keep their ministries free of child molestation. About 2 weeks ago, I addressed