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A Response from the Southern Baptist Convention to SNAP: we stand by our silence and do-nothingness on sex abuse in our churches

UPDATE 6/6/14: SNAP sends updated letter this week to Frank Page Read it here . Associated Baptist Press:  SNAP seeks independent review of abuse handling by prominent SBC churches “This scandal in which an accused minister was allowed to simply move on to another church is one that has received wide publicity and that affects two of the SBC’s most prominent churches,” the SNAP leaders  said . “Even if the SBC Executive Committee lacks power to actually do anything to hold accountable those officials who kept quiet about or covered up for minister John Langworthy’s abuse, thereby leaving other kids at risk, surely the Executive Committee can at least assure that an outside expert reviews the entirety of the matter with transparency so that people can have a full reporting of what happened and who was involved.” Last month, SNAP sent a letter to the President and CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Frank Page : Abuse victims seek apology 

I Stand with SGM Victims

Megachurch Pastor Confesses to Protecting Child Molester for Years Covenant Life Church former pastor Grant Layman admitted on Tuesday while testifying about allegations against Nathaniel Morales that he withheld incriminating information from the police about the abuse. Public defender Alan Drew asked Layman if had an "obligation to report the alleged abuse?" "I believe so," he replied. "And you didn't?" asked Drew, to which Layman responded "no." I'm frankly appalled that this is a statement that even needs making, but #IStandWithSGMVictims — Zach Schneider (@schneidmaster) May 16, 2014 Church remains silent about why it failed to report abuse. “One of the pastors told us, ‘don’t go to the police,’” — Boz Tchividjian (@BozT) May 16, 2014 Shaming, silencing, & judging have no home in a community that loves & advocates on behalf of abuse victims. #IStandWithSGMVictims — Boz Tchivi

Denying and Enabling Child Sex Abuse

As abuse advocates, we receive calls and emails from survivors that we keep confidential. That confidentiality is very important and must be respected. Survivors of abuse have suffered much, and in no way would we ever want to cause further harm by abusing the trust instilled in us as they seek to heal. Communications, however, from people criticizing my efforts to shine the light of truth on child sex abuse, I do not feel should be afforded the same level of confidentiality. Many times, it is these communications, that can serve to shine the light of truth even more, without the criticizing party's intent to do so. Last summer, I received an email from an anonymous source criticizing me at length for my post on a former Second Baptist Church of Houston minister, Eddie Struble, containing reports from 2 police departments detailing allegations of stalking a minor and " criminal solicitation of a child ." SNAP held a media event about 2 former Second Baptist Houst

Morrison Heights Baptist Church Attempts to Whitewash Abysmal Conduct in Clergy Sex Abuse Case

Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton, MS hosted a sex abuse awareness training on Tuesday. I planned to attend but wasn't able to make it. Thanks to our Jackson SNAP leader, Mark Belenchia, for attending and providing some feedback. Mark was impressed by the presentation of Ministry Safe founder and director, Greg Love. According to the bio on his websit e,  Mr. Love litigates sexual abuse cases across the country, and consults with entities regarding the design and implementation of sexual abuse safety systems. Mark highlighted the section of Love's presentation on the "train wrecks" of gross mishandling of child sex abuse allegations within churches. Is Mr. Love aware of the train wreck in the building he was speaking in at Morrison Heights Baptist Church?  Throughout the entire conference John Langworthy's name was never mentioned, not even by Morrison Heights pastor Greg Belser. If he refuses to acknowledge and address the train wreck of the past, h