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One with Courage

This post is a follow up to my previous post A Joint Open Letter to the Super Hero Victim of Greg Kelley . Photo by Michaela Myers Last night outside the Williamson County jail in Georgetown, Texas, a group of supporters gathered, dressed in teal, the color representing sexual assault awareness, to stand up and speak out for the little boys in the Greg Kelley child sexual assault criminal case. Greg Kelley supporters also gathered across the lawn in front of the jail, many dressed in jailhouse orange shirts and tape across their mouths. Protestors wearing tape over mouths: Greg has been silenced by judicial system — Mitch Goulding (@MitchTWCN) July 29, 2014 Not sure how #GregKelley has been silenced when he took the stand in his own defense. #prayforgkvictims — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) July 29, 2014 For the 1st time, supporters for the victims in the #GregKelley case have come out. — Chris Shadrock (@ChrisShad

A Joint Open Letter to the Super Hero Victim of Greg Kelley: One with Courage

#onewithcourage #prayforgkvictims Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime . Herbert Ward Preface to our open letter: Last week, a former popular high school football star, Greg Kelley, was convicted and sentenced (as part of a sentencing agreement) to 25 years in prison with no opportunity of appeal for super aggravated sexual assault on a 4 year old child in Texas. He will serve out the full sentence and will be on the sexual offender list for the rest of his life:  link  and  link . There is a large group of teenagers in the town, along with some adults, who refuse to believe that he is guilty. They have a vocal social media presence and are conducting fund raisers to support Kelley. Unfortunately, some of his supporters have been verbally negative to all who do not support their beliefs. They have cast doubts on the child, the child's family and even on the jury and the police. It has so concerned Dee Parsons at The Wartburg Watch and myself that we

A comparison of responses to allegations of child sex abuse- Prestonwood Baptist Church and Morrison Heights Baptist vs. Believers Church: image over child protection, GA News Weather AUBURN, AL (WTVM ) A longtime associate pastor at Believers Church in Auburn has been arrested on child sex abuse charges. His arrest in May got him kicked out of the church where he had been for 30 years.  Lee County Sheriff's detectives say the two adult victims came forward in April to report they were abused in the early 1990's. Every Sunday, for nearly 30 years at Believers Church on Moore's Mill Road, 53-year-old John Sluder, an associate pastor, would play guitar during services. "People have shed tears because of what he appeared to be, a gentle old man.  So yes, we were very shocked," said attorney Ben Hand. Hand represents Believers Church where his father is the pastor. Hand says the church was stunned, then angry , when Sluder was arrested by Lee County, after two adult victims revealed Sluder had molested them on several occasions in the early 1990's when they were 8 and 9 years old. "Every ch