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Email from the pastor of Generations Church in support of convicted child sex offender Greg Kelley

In a previous post , I wrote about the public support that Greg Kelley, a convicted child sex offender, has received from Generations Church in Leander, Texas,  led by Pastors Bob and Tammy Brydon. A member of the Brydon Family, Jake Brydon, is an organizer for the #FightforGK and #PrayforGK campaigns along with pastor Bob Brydon who called me expressing anger at our SNAP statement urging him to cancel the "Freedom Fest." Jake is also a spokesman for the Greg Kelley family.  Dee Parsons at The Wartburg Watch wrote a post yesterday titled Generations Church and Greg Kelley's Christian Supporters: Another Christian's View .  This blog has consistently emphasized our concerns with pedophilia and the church. So, for some time,  except for this letter to the little superhero,  we have been content to let justice takes its course in this situation since it did not seem to involve the church. However, it has become apparent that some of the people leading the effort to

Email from Fight for GK leader: "Extremely Disappointed"

M. Dustin Brimberry < > 10:43 AM to me Amy, Let me start off by saying that I 100% support the victims that have been molested (and I believe they probably were), that is not in question.  I would never support a predator, I have the facts on my side and we need to catch the actual person that did this, the longer we wait, the more likely that person is to strike again because Greg Kelley is not some monster and he did not do this!  Do your research, the police destroyed communication between themselves and CPS, which the judge partially blocked at trial.  Greg is also a victim of a corrupt and evil DA, and police department.  Do you really think a church would support Greg if he did this?  NO.  The pastor of the church was not even taking sides in the matter until he saw the real facts of the case with his own eyes.  As soon as he was presented with the facts that were suppressed at trial, he quickly got on boa

Cedar Park Police Chief on the Greg Kelley Case

I am posting with permission of the Cedar Park, Texas Chief of Police Sean Mannix, his statement on the Greg Kelley child sexual assault case emailed on July 30, 2014 to his police department, a matter of public record. All, As you are all aware, on July 15, 2014, Greg Kelley was convicted of two counts of Super Aggravated Sexual Assault of a small child and sentenced to 25 years in prison with no eligibility for parole or appeal, through a plea agreement.  In most cases the next step would be a quiet departure to a state prison with little fanfare.  Not in this case.  I know that you are all in tune with the fact that Mr. Kelley has garnered much support from his old classmates and others and a movement was established called “Fight for GK”.  This group has been very vocal in their support of Mr. Kelley and very critical of the police department and the DA’s office.  The Fight for GK movement has taken on a cult-like appearance, as it is mostly high school kids that have onl

Blaming, shaming and revictimizing kids by Generations Church and the Fight for GK | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports They called it "Freedom Fest." Among the crowd, Greg Kelley's high school sweetheart, Gaebri Anderson -- speaking on television about Greg for the first time. She says there's no way her boyfriend is guilty of this crime. "From my perspective, I have known him for so long, I know his heart.  I know he's not capable of such terrible things," she said.   ... But there is a big outcry, especially on social media from those who feel justice was done in the Greg Kelley case. Amy Smith is with a group called SNAP that supports victims of abuse. "Some of those that I have connected with on Twitter and through Facebook and then some have reached out to me privately through social media saying 'we live here, we live in Leander, we live in Austin.  And we're very disturbed by such a public outpouring.'  And some of them are sexual abuse victims themselves and that really touched a ner