Email from Fight for GK leader: "Extremely Disappointed"

M. Dustin Brimberry

10:43 AM
to me
Let me start off by saying that I 100% support the victims that have been molested (and I believe they probably were), that is not in question.  I would never support a predator, I have the facts on my side and we need to catch the actual person that did this, the longer we wait, the more likely that person is to strike again because Greg Kelley is not some monster and he did not do this!  Do your research, the police destroyed communication between themselves and CPS, which the judge partially blocked at trial.  Greg is also a victim of a corrupt and evil DA, and police department.  Do you really think a church would support Greg if he did this?  NO.  The pastor of the church was not even taking sides in the matter until he saw the real facts of the case with his own eyes.  As soon as he was presented with the facts that were suppressed at trial, he quickly got on board because he saw the injustice of this whole thing.
I am extremely disappointed in your recent comments regarding the Greg Kelley case.  I know that you probably published the letter from the Cedar Park Chief of Police to be used to try and smear the #FightforGK movement that is quickly gaining momentum, but that is about to backfire on you.
I love how enemies of the true and living God (though they pretend they are not), play right into his hands when they partner with satan.  God loves to mock and ridicule satan, satan is always so arrogant that he always overplays his hand.  That is exactly what our and all the others who clearly have no understanding of the GK case and have continued to falsely accuse an innocent young man.  Your day along with all those others who have been on the side of injustice and corruption by the law enforcement (what a joke) of Williamson County have a day of reckoning coming very soon.  God is about to rub all your faces in your lies because the truth is about to explode on the scene and it is Greg Kelley, his supporters and his family that are about to have the last laugh. 
There is a movement building in Williamson County and the elected officials in Wilco are about to find out what happens to those in office that abuse their power and authority.  We have built huge support and registered several hundred voters during our rallies.  Once we secure a new trial for GK, we will be putting together strategic campaign to remove all those corrupt individuals that we elected in Wilco.  I am really not sure why you choose to take the wrong side, but your eyes along with many other eyes around this injustice are about to be opened wide. 
He is 100% innocent, he was never alone with the child, there are so many facts in question.  You should do yourself a favor and help us free GK so focus can be placed on catching the real predator.  If that person is not stopped he will strike again and we must not allow anymore victims.
The truth will COME OUT!  Those in our legal system will be held accountable and we will do everything in our power to make sure that all parties that supported this injustice are given their pink slips by the voters of Wilco.  Jana Duty and made promises to clean up the corruption in the Wilco DA office, and has done the same thing the previous DA did.  It is certainly true that power corrupts.  I supported her during her original election because deep down I had hoped she would do what she said.  Instead she is continuing to persecute the innocent with her draconian tactics.  Greg and the kid with the pot brownies are the ones unjustly treated.  Once we elect a new DA that can be trusted, I hope that a full investigation is done into Ms. Duty and her band of misfits, and that myself, Brunner and the other ADA clowns all spend some time behind bars for their illegal and unjust politics.
I really think you should educate yourself on the facts of this case, and stop believing the lies that have, at least for now ruined an innocent man’s future.   Open your eyes, stop the bias, and you will only come to one conclusion, Greg Kelley DID NOT commit this crime, someone else did.

Dustin Brimberry

UPDATE 8/18/14: 

I replied last night to the above email from Dustin Brimberry saying, "Please do not contact me again." He did:

What you can't handle the truth?
You can rant on and on your campaigns, but when someone stands up to you you whine and say "don't contact me, I can't handle someone calling me out.
I will challenge you and anyone else who lies about Greg Kelley.  We want justice for the child too, and I would think you would want to ensure that the correct person by caught, or they will do it again.

Just you watch that judge will grant a new trial and Greg will be acquited and you will have pie in your face, just like all the other haters.


OJ Simpson said…
Too bad that M Dustin Brimberry failed to put this kind of energy and tunnel vision into working with convicted child rapist Greg Kelley and Kelley's defense team in preparation for the trial which Kelley was convicted by a jury of his peers and testified in his own defense.

Too bad that M Dustin Brimberry failed to intervene before convicted child rapist Greg Kelley agreed to a Sentencing Plea Deal with the following terms:
1) Admit Guilt
2) Serve 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole
3) Forfeit his right to appeal the verdict
4) Upon release register as a high level sex offender for life.
Unknown said…
You can tell by the wording of this that the person who wrote it is more than likely a fan of the outspoken Austin TX libertarian radio show host Alex Jones. And I'd be willing to bet good money that GK supporters have tried to contact Alex Jones/Infowars to see if he would help. And you know what? I can guarantee you that Alex Jones will not help you. He wouldn't touch your nonsense with a ten foot pole. I went through a phase where I listened to Alex Jones, but after some time I got tired of some inconsistencies I saw. But one positive thing about that Mr. Jones is that he stands up for children who are victims of pedophiles, and he would NEVER be so foolish as to think that a handsome, "christian", star football player was above such criminal acts. He grew up in the Dallas area and witnessed pedophiles in the church. He's not blind to it. So M. Dustin Brimberry......please stop blabbering on like your some kind of libertarian advocate, when clearly the most well-known libertarian in the area (Alex Jones) hasn't given you the time of day, and clearly never will!

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