Email from the pastor of Generations Church in support of convicted child sex offender Greg Kelley

In a previous post, I wrote about the public support that Greg Kelley, a convicted child sex offender, has received from Generations Church in Leander, Texas, led by Pastors Bob and Tammy Brydon. A member of the Brydon Family, Jake Brydon, is an organizer for the #FightforGK and #PrayforGK campaigns along with pastor Bob Brydon who called me expressing anger at our SNAP statement urging him to cancel the "Freedom Fest." Jake is also a spokesman for the Greg Kelley family. 

Dee Parsons at The Wartburg Watch wrote a post yesterday titled Generations Church and Greg Kelley's Christian Supporters: Another Christian's View
This blog has consistently emphasized our concerns with pedophilia and the church. So, for some time, except for this letter to the little superhero, we have been content to let justice takes its course in this situation since it did not seem to involve the church. However, it has become apparent that some of the people leading the effort to exonerate Greg Kelley are involved in the evangelical church. Also, a lead pastor in Generations Church appears to be part of the effort to exonerate Kelley. That church has been the site of "Freedom Fest" in support of Kelley. Perhaps this church is not aware of the number of churches in the US which have been involved in covering up for pedophiles or they may have been reticent to use the church for an event to raise money for a convicted pedophile.
Today in a comment on Dee's post, Megan Brydon, wife of Jake Brydon, said:
We did have an event at the church. It was not a church event, in fact there was never an invitation to members. The pastor is in support, but plays no role in this movement. He offered the building because he felt like justice was not served and that it should be. The church did not pass out ribbons supporting anyone. The pastor is not a leader of this movement, that is just not true.
On July 28, after pastor Bob Brydon called me, he sent this email to several SNAP leaders:

From: Pastor Bob Brydon <>
Date: Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 4:41 PM
To: Pastor Bob Brydon <>

Dear SNAP Leaders,

Today it was brought to my attention that your organization went public with slanderous information about our church, our community, and the FightForGK cause, while at the same time asking us to keep everything private as we fight for justice.

In our community, you can’t have a conversation with the powers-at-be unless you can show “significant support” for your case. That is why we are hosting events and signing petitions so that we can be heard. To do that privately won’t accomplish the goal. Our church is hosting this event because we believe that justice has not been served to either party and the FFGK group needed a place to host their event.

If it was my son/daughter who was abused or falsely accused, I would hope your group would be in favor of fighting for justice.  Our most powerful tool is “the light of truth”...and through our actions we can bring justice and healing.


Pastor Bob Brydon
Generations Church
[P]  512.616.7000 x150

It seems to me that Megan and Bob aren't on the same page. Or perhaps this is more evidence of this group's stark lack of integrity. 


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