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Former Second Baptist Church of Houston minister accused of child sex abuse: more information and more questions

I received an email today from someone providing more information on the accusations of child sex abuse against former Second Baptist Church of Houston music minister Eddie Struble that I have written about previously in several posts here , here  and here . There are police reports from the Spring Valley Police Department here and here and the Houston Police Department here .  Here are some of the contents of the email: Amy,   Saw your blog on sexual abuse of children and teens and wholeheartedly support it, provided everything checks out. In the case of ES, everything said about him preying on a boy, a young man really (*of 16/17) is true.  *editor's note: the Houston police department report states that the abuse began on 12/01/06 and continued until 10/15/09 which I believe would correspond to said victim's age as 14-17 years old. C lassmates know that he visited the boy in question daily at his home until the wee hrs.  Many of us knew ES both from church w

Grooming 101: a convicted child predator in his own words

Below is the full text of KVUE Williamson County reporter Tom Miller 's interview with Greg Kelley, the former Leander  High School football player sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole or the right to appeal after he was found  guilty of super aggravated assault of a child : Link Greg Kelley : The first thing I wanted to say was during the investigation I was never questioned by police, and I was  the only suspect and person of interest in the case. The other thing I want to [say] is that the police never investigated  the home daycare where the assault took place. The Cedar Park Police Department didn't do a full investigation of all  the children in the daycare. Another one is on stand, the detective admitted erasing emails obtained [as] potential  evidence of the case. He testified that he [deleted] . . . probably close to 100 emails . . . the investigator testified she  [deleted] the same emails as well, and they both broke company policy, because they weren'