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Amanda Blackburn didn't "give her life." She was murdered.

Tweet In a video posted on Sunday, 12/6/15, shown to Resonate Church , pastor Davey Blackburn  said he "wholeheartedly believes that Amanda gave her life to see Indianapolis changed." He says he's taking a step back from Resonate and needs to take time to "process" and "get healthy." It's a "bit of chaos" for his little boy Weston. A bit?? Amanda didn't "give her life" Davey. She was murdered. Davey Blackburn: God allowed Amanda's death to give church life Davey Blackburn: Deception Indicated Pastor Davey Blackburn Says God Allowed Wife's Murder So Church Could Live

"It's such a conundrum" - Davey Blackburn when asked about justice for Amanda Blackburn

recommend this to understand concern that #daveyblackburn "sexualized" his audience w/kids present: #AmandaBlackburn — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) November 20, 2015 Sexualization of the audience in his church raises concerns of red flag "grooming" behavior. #daveyblackburn — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) November 20, 2015 Even if #daveyblackburn had zero to do w/ #AmandaBlackburn murder, this is so inappropriate & reckless. Kids there? — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) November 20, 2015 @watchkeep @resonateindy As a worship leader I'm dumbstruck. This is plain sacrilege. #daveyblackburn #shameonyou — Eric Pazdziora (@ericpazdziora) November 20, 2015 Worship As a Weapon #daveyblackburn message @resonateindy 2 days before #AmandaBlackburn murder — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) November 20, 2015 At at about the 45:0

Hidden Predator Act lawsuit alleges continual child sexual abuse by GOP political consultant Jim Collins, former youth pastor at First Baptist Church Vidalia, Georgia

Tweet Rising Up with Courage- daybreak on Kauai A Republican political consultant from Georgia was sued this week for allegedly forcing boys to perform sex acts and videotaping it. WSAV reported that attorneys for Matt Stanley filed a lawsuit against Jim Collins for abuse that occurred between from 1996 and 2002 while attending First Baptist Church Vidalia, where Collins was a youth volunteer. Collins is accused of instructing boys to perform “individual sexual acts, both privately and in a group setting.” The lawsuit alleges that he recorded the boys performing the acts at least once while at church. The “highly inappropriate, sexualized physical contact with many of the boys” continued while Collins was chaperoning out-of-town trips, the lawsuit says. Stanley said that he was abused “more than a hundred times” from the age of 11 until he was 18 years old. Vidalia Man Accused in Third Hidden Predator Lawsuit “Individuals who violate and sexually abuse child

When Pastors Prey: Baptist perv Sammy Nuckolls

Tweet via  Crime Watch Daily Sammy Nuckolls, a man of God, preyed on his parishioners in the sickest of ways. As cops would uncover, the pastor's own home was exposed as a sex trap. Amy Violette- betrayed by Sammy Nuckolls, a brave survivor speaks out Peeping preacher's prison sentence stands Prosecutor Steven Jubera suggested Nuckolls’ aims were not altruistic but driven by the same “narcissistic tendencies” that got him in trouble in the first place. “House arrest is really not going to prevent him from doing what he did in his own home in the first place,” Jubera said. Chatham said he was pleased to hear that Nuckolls is doing good work and adjusting well to prison. “Perhaps that is your calling,” he said. As to Nuckolls’ motives, the judge said: “Only God Almighty can see your heart. What you are in front of me for is the pain and agony you have inflicted on 13 women here in my jurisdiction.” Chatham said after 46 years as a prosecutor, defense a

Custom Ink responds to concerns about helping design shirts to raise funds for a convicted child rapist foundation

Tweet The Gregory Raymond Kelley Foundation was founded in 2014 to support a convicted felon, Greg Kelley , in prison for super aggravated sexual assault of a 4-year-old boy in Texas.  The Gregory Raymond Kelley Foundation was founded in 2014 as a way to carry out Greg's passion for helping others while he u njustly remains in prison for something that he did not do. His supporters have rallied around him and we are free and want to use that freedom to serve each other in our community in Greg's name, just like it says in Galatians 5:13. The GRK Foundation has had difficulties in the past raising funds online once sites like Go Fund Me were made aware of the nature of this foundation. Maddie Brimberry found a company, Custom Ink , to help design and host a t-shirt fundraiser sale to support the GRK Foundation. I called Custom Ink this morning and spoke with Jasmine who directed me to call Booster, a third party fundraiser for Custom Ink. I called Booster and was tol

Child sexual abuse lawsuit filed against TX pastor Billy Bob Burge and First Baptist Church of Rockwall after victim's abuse leads to suicide

DALLAS ,  Sept. 22, 2015  /PRNewswire/ --  Carla Sweet  and  Ed Gomez  of  Dallas, Texas , filed suit today in  Dallas, Texas , state court against  First  Baptist Church  of  Rockwall : seeking justice for their son, John "Jeremy" Sweet-Gomez, who was repeatedly sexually abused by a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of  Rockwall . The suit alleges that a Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of  Rockwall  began sexually abusing Jeremy when he was approximately thirteen years old. The abuse included sodomy, oral sex, and inappropriate sexual touching. The suit states that the sexual abuses and assaults occurred "on church property and during church-sponsored religious trips." Jeremy suffered repeated sexual abuse as a teenager; he later committed suicide.  Turley Law Firm press release   First Baptist Church Rockwall/Billy Bob Burge Lawsuit by watchkeep SNAP responds: The lawsuit alleges that “Defendants entered into a civil conspiracy, accomp

Blocked but not silenced

List of pastors and churches, mostly Baptist, and their supporters, who have blocked me on Twitter over the last few years as I have spoken out as an abuse survivors advocate with the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests about abuse and the lack of transparency and accountability: Jack Graham   Josh Graham Kelly Graham Flores Jeff Young Sheila Walsh Prestonwood Baptist Church Jarrett Stephens   Ron Kelley Frank Page Elevation Church Joe Carter   The Gospel Coalition   Jonathan Merritt C. J. Mahaney Carolyn Mahaney Mark Dever Sovereign Grace Bill Gothard Jake Brydon Gaebri Anderson Ronnie Floyd Chris Branscum Brandon Smith Samuel D. James Greg Belser Morrison Heights Baptist Church Birchman Baptist Church Ergun Caner Brewton Parker Tony Jones I'm sure I've missed some. to be continued... Steve Gaines Ron Luce Steve Lawson Karen La

Reckless endangerment of children at First Baptist Church Bedford, Texas

Photo by Danielle Grobmeier of Dallas Morning News Earlier this week, FOX4 News in Dallas broke the story locally of a Baptist minister indicted on 29 counts of rape and sodomy of a child in Alabama who is now working at a church in the Dallas area. First Baptist Church Bedford hired Charles Kyle Adcock about 8 months ago as a music minister. Pastor Steve Knott apparently was aware of Adcock's charges when he hired him. Church leaders spoke with Elizabeth Dinh of CBS11 yesterday saying that they spoke with Adcock and believe his story that he is not guilty. We know about this story now because concerned parents spoke out. Yesterday, we held a SNAP news conference at FBC Bedford to protect kids.  CBSDFW “We think it’s incredibly irresponsible and reckless to have hired him in the first place,” says Amy Smith, who works with SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. Smith say she took to twitter to blast First Baptist’s pastor for hiring Ad

An open letter to every senior pastor whose church wants to minister to those who pose a risk of harm: guest post by Simon Bass

Tweet Simon Bass is the CEO of   CCPAS (Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service) , the leading independent Christian child protection charity in the UK. CCPAS has been safeguarding children since 1977. In light of my most recent posts on churches' mishandling of pedophiles and registered child sex offenders volunteering and employed in positions of leadership and trust in churches, I have asked Simon to give his expert guidance in context of these "offender-focused" churches.  The Village Church Elevation Church Fairfax Community Church Simon Bass:   The Christian Social Worker Who Protects Children From Christian Abusers An open letter to every senior pastor whose church wants to minister to those who pose a risk of harm It is commendable that your church wants to support sexual offenders in being part of your worshipping community, after all the gospel is for the ‘whosoever’. It is not meant to be critical in pointing out that as a pastor you are