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Mega Manifesto: On Behalf of Prestonwood Baptist Church and Convicted Child Molester John Langworthy

Over the last two weeks 26 named individuals have received an anonymous package in the mail.  Inside was a 24 page essay.  I am the subject of this composition. The anonymous writer spends dozens of pages attacking my truthfulness, motivations, and personal character.  He claims to be a proponent of Jack Graham and the rest of the leadership at Prestonwood Baptist Church.   The letters were addressed to a variety of people: Prestonwood leadership, SNAP leaders, TV and newspaper reporters, bloggers, and others.  He did not send me a copy, but several of my contacts sent me theirs. This approach is curious, because if this anonymous writer had just sent me a copy, I could have posted it for the entire public to read much sooner.  Take a look.   Mega Manifesto Among his many ramblings, you’ll find an alarming quote on Page 19: “I am dead serious and committed to exposing Amy Smith’s many falsehoods and stopping her continued and relentless attacks upon Prestonwood and

Anonymous Mailer Rants: Prestonwood Baptist Church and convicted child sex offender John Langworthy

It was brought to my attention last July that several contacts of mine had received anonymous mailings at their home or office. Author and speaker Mary DeMuth is among those who received this mailing. She wrote about it here . In my work with sexual abuse victims, I am used to undergoing attack in subtle and not so subtle ways, but this one made me nervous. Whoever sent this knew my home address. What is strange is that I haven’t written about this case, or publicly commented on it here. I have been angry at institutions that have chosen to prefer the perpetrator over the predator and have  written about that here.  I also applaud  Boz Tchividjian’s brave work  in this area. So yesterday, I received another letter. I kept it as evidence. (Anyone know if I have any recourse?) The whole thing makes me angry, and this is why: Only cowards send anonymous letters in the mail. If this person feels so strongly about the rightness of the situation, why not dialog here? Why not address

When a retweet is described as perpetuating the violence: Tony Jones and the Sonoran Theological Group

I am posting an email that I received earlier this week from Amy Jacobe r, a leader in the Sonoran Theological Group . The email is in reference to the issue of very serious questions that are being raised about Tony Jones , "Theological Provocateur" and a leader in the Emergent Movement and founder of the Jopa Group . The Sonoran Theological Group has an upcoming event, Christianity 21 , that is organized by Tony Jones' Jopa Group.  About the Jopa Group: T ony, Doug and a third friend, Mark Scandrette, rolled into church sanctuaries and basements across the country where religious thinkers lined chairs and stretched out in aisle-ways to talk, argue, laugh, and craft new ways of living faith together. The roadshow brought new allies together and became the first of many efforts to come that combined innovative content with relational events. Since then, the scope of JoPa’s events has grown to include several annual events and a host of other offerings. Each ye

The audacity and cold-hearted cruelty of celebrity preacher Jack Graham in one tweet

. @jackngraham Why are you silent in the face of extreme pain from child sex crimes by #Langworthy ? #Prestonwood — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) January 16, 2015 Church Fighting Plano’s LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance Was Once Home To Minister Caught in Underage Sex Sting — Burnt Orange Report (@BOR) January 14, 2015 Prestonwood church, which has a history of sex abuse, is opposing Plano ordinance — David Taffet (@DavidTaffet) January 16, 2015 Dallas Voice : While that was the most famous case of child abuse, there have been other allegations. In the late 1980s, minister John Langworthy was dismissed after charges of child abuse. Langworthy moved to Clinton, Miss. where he served at Morrison Heights Southern Baptist for two decades “There, he recently received a 50-year suspended sentence for molesting multiple boys as young as 6,” according to  Baptist News Global . “But Langworthy avoided pris