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Karen Hinkley's response to The Village Church 5/23/15 email sent to 6000 "covenant members" about her and Jordan Root

Karen's full response appears below in this post. It can also be viewed here at Scribd.  I was shocked by the email The Village Church sent to over 6,000 people on Saturday, May 23 rd . When I made the decision to go public in order to expose Jordan Root and The Village Church, I knew I was taking a great deal of personal risk, but I had never imagined that TVC would go to such lengths to deceive their members, silence their critics, and defame my character. I originally chose to speak out primarily for the sake of possible past and future victims of child sexual abuse by Jordan. Today, I choose to speak out for the sake of other past, present, and future victims of spiritual abuse by TVC and similar churches. I want you to know that what has happened, is happening, or will happen to you is not okay and is not a reflection of the nature of God’s very real love for you. I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know that there are people who love Jesus who a

Stories of The Village Church and other Abusive Church Survivors

Tweet I have received emails and comments from people reaching out to me to tell their story of spiritual abuse by The Village Church after hearing about the bravery of Karen Hinkley in telling her story. I will dedicate this post to sharing some of these stories I have received. I will add to this post as I receive any additional stories. If you would like to remain anonymous, please let me know. In this first story, the writer's name has been changed to "John." His wife's name has been changed to "Jane." Story 1: I just read your blog entry about Karen Root and her situation regarding The Village Church and I must say that while this is an extremely sad and troubling situation, I am personally glad that you and a few others have made the decision to bring this kind of hierarchical treatment of a congregation to the forefront.   My wife "Jane" was a "Covenant Member" at the Dallas Northway campus when we started