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Steven Furtick and Elevation Church publicly support, celebrate, and elevate a convicted child sex offender before, during and after federal prison: registered sex offender Norman Vigue now leads Elevation Church Bible study

Tweet This is a post in collaboration with Dee Parsons at The Wartburg Watch . Elevation Church , with lead pastor Steven Furtick , is a Southern Baptist mega-church in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to the The Charlotte Observer ,  "i n nine years, Charlotte’s  Elevation Church  has grown from the 121 worshippers at its first service to the more than 17,000 who now show up every weekend at its 13 locations."  Overall, the magazine also said, Elevation is the country’s 15th largest Protestant church – and the youngest church on the “largest” list. ... “These young clergy (like Furtick) are learning from the experiences of their elders and are often being directly mentored by them,” Thumma said. Elevation is governed not by a board of church members, but by Furtick and a group of four out-of-town pastors who lead their own megachurches. Some of them, including Perry Noble of 15-year-old  NewSpring  Church in Anderson, S.C., have been among Furtick’s mentor

New SNAP statement on Jordan Root, SIM and The Village Church

Victims seek help from NC group It funded and sent missionary abroad He was fired after admitting child pornography Self-help organization now wants “outreach” to “others who may be hurting A North Carolina-based non-profit fired a missionary it sent abroad after he admitted viewing child pornography. Now, a support group for child sex abuse victims is urging the organization to “aggressively reach out to others he may have hurt and perhaps help law enforcement file charges against him or others who shielded him.” A Charlotte group called  SIM  ( Serving in Mission ), funded and sent Jordan Root to East Asia to spread Christianity in 2014. While there, Root confessed to  SIM  officials that he “has been sexually attracted to prepubescent female children for many years and that during his service with  SIM  he has been viewing nude photographs of children via the Internet to gratify this sexual desire.” The group fired Root. 266004526/SIM-stateme

Raising awareness at The Village Church to protect kids

SNAP DFW May 31, 2015 Yesterday, several members of the DFW chapter of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests gathered outside The Village Church Dallas Northway campus. We stood for the protection of kids. We are very concerned that confessed pedophile Jordan Root , a member of TVC & a licensed professional counselor, may have victims in the DFW area and elsewhere, given his volunteer and work history involving vulnerable children. WHY A missionary from The Village Church (TVC) admitted viewing and having sexual images of children. In February, a church group corroborated this. But, in a move that has created a firestorm of protest in Christian circles and on the Internet, church officials embraced him and disciplined his wife for moving to have their marriage annulled. http://www.chris