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Youth leader at Perry Noble's Newspring Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch, arrested for child sexual assault

JUST IN: The incident happened in February at the NewSpring Church on North Cashua Drive, police said. — WBTW News 13 (@WBTWNews13) April 29, 2016 FLORENCE, SC (WBTW ) – A youth group volunteer at a Florence church has been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor. According to Florence Police Major Carlos Raines, a 15-year-old boy claimed Leo LaSalle Comissiong, 20, of Florence kissed and folded him through his clothes. The incident happened in February at the NewSpring Church on North Cashua Drive, Raines said. Comissiong is charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor, 3rd degree. . @perrynoble u need to be concerned there may be more child sex assault victims @Newspring . hope they'll call police — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) April 30, 2016 Is Leo LaSalle Comissiong still a youth leader at Newspring Church ? Perry Noble is the lead pastor of Newspring. We urge every single person who saw, suspected

Marketing a Murder: Perry Noble and Davey Blackburn

Tweet On November 10, 2015, Amanda Blackburn was beaten and gunned down in her home. She was shot 3 times execution style, including a shot to the back of her head. She was pronounced dead 2 days later. Amanda was the wife of Resonate Church pastor Davey Blackburn . Her toddler son Weston who was home at the time of the shooting was uninjured. Amanda was about 12 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder. Three men have been arrested and charged in Amanda's murder. They are awaiting trial. WTHR Amanda Blackburn murder investigation summary When this case caught my attention last year, I was quickly alarmed at the inappropriate behavior of Davey Blackburn in his church messages. Most disturbing was his sermon two days prior to Amanda's murder in which he waved a gun around on stage and repeatedly acted out shooting a man in the back at Resonate Church, which meets in a middle school in Indianapolis. Did Davey violate the school district's policy against using weap

Mohler and Mahaney: laughing at child sex abuse victims Together for the Gospel 2016

Tweet UPDATE: The Daily Beast covered this story and linked to my post. Senior pastor Mahaney, accused of covering abuse, returns to the spotlight: — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) April 17, 2016 Pastor of alleged child sex-abuse cover-up says churches should defend their pastors — Baptist News Global (@baptist_news) April 19, 2016 Scandal-plagued C.J. Mahaney back in the conference preaching saddle again #TG4 — Baptist News Global (@baptist_news) April 14, 2016 They  laughed about child sex abuse yesterday at  ‪ T4G2016 : SNAP, an advocacy and support group formed in response to the pedophile priest scandal in the Roman Catholic Church, previously called on the other three conference founders to disinvite Mahaney. Allegations were made against Mahaney, former pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md., and other leaders of Sovereign Grace Ministri