Marketing a Murder: Perry Noble and Davey Blackburn

On November 10, 2015, Amanda Blackburn was beaten and gunned down in her home. She was shot 3 times execution style, including a shot to the back of her head. She was pronounced dead 2 days later. Amanda was the wife of Resonate Church pastor Davey Blackburn. Her toddler son Weston who was home at the time of the shooting was uninjured. Amanda was about 12 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder.

Three men have been arrested and charged in Amanda's murder. They are awaiting trial.

WTHR Amanda Blackburn murder investigation summary

When this case caught my attention last year, I was quickly alarmed at the inappropriate behavior of Davey Blackburn in his church messages. Most disturbing was his sermon two days prior to Amanda's murder in which he waved a gun around on stage and repeatedly acted out shooting a man in the back at Resonate Church, which meets in a middle school in Indianapolis. Did Davey violate the school district's policy against using weapons on school property?

The sexual content of Davey's messages also raised concerns, particularly the demeaning way he spoke of his sex life with his wife Amanda. He also displays in his messages a disrespectful and demeaning attitude towards women. In one message, Davey discusses his sexual temptations at the gym and chastises the women there whom he says do not look like they are there to work out but to be worked out.

Five months after his wife's murder, Davey will be back on the mega stage speaking at his mentor Perry Noble's Newspring Church this Sunday, April 24 with a live stream to Resonate. Davey, Resonate Church, Perry Noble and Newspring Church are spreading the word on social media about Davey's appearance, complete with a video. Davey, who appeared giddy even during his media tour the week of her death, seems ecstatic. He will tell how he's doing. He even had a photo shoot done to market his message.

 Amanda's murder trial has yet to take place, so there has not yet been justice done for her and her unborn baby. It's now about Davey. It's "his story." What about Amanda, and what about Weston, who is forever without his mommy? What about the precious baby she was carrying? Is justice for Amanda still a "conundrum" for Davey?

Davey Blackburn statement November 11, 2015 (one day after Amanda was shot, full statement here, archived here):

I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.
-Davey Blackburn

Since Davey will be speaking about how he's doing, let's take a peek at some of his Resonate Church's recent sermon series:

Davey Blackburn has been marketing his wife's murder from the beginning. In the few days after she was murdered, even before the suspects were caught, Davey had his cousin make t-shirts (archived here just in case) to sell at her funeral. Resonate Church announced that all profits went to Davey.
This past week, tragedy struck my family. My cousin's beautiful wife was killed through an act of senseless violence. As I made the long drive to Indianapolis, I could not help but to be angry about the situation. How could such an amazing young mother be taking from us so early. I felt sorrow for my cousin. However, when I arrived at my grandparents house I was met by an unbelievable force. Hope. My cousin, Davey Blackburn, was a rock of hope and inspiration of joy. Everyone would have understood if he was angry or depressed during this dark time, but he wasn't. When I arrived he immediately gave me a huge hug and asked how I was. His focus was not driven by anger but by complete, life-giving hope. He asked if there was any way that I could make some shirts that his wife, Amanda, had designed for their church in time for her celebration service.

On Novermber 13, 2015, 3 days after Amanda was shot, and 1 day after she was pronounced dead, someone at Newspring Church registered the domain Nothing is Wasted for Davey and Resonate Church.

Davey tweeted #nothingiswasted during Amanda's funeral:

Davey's 911 call has yet to be released. In a blog post last week, Davey said he called 911 "as soon as I could."

Statement Analysis- Amanda Blackburn Murder: "Listening" to the Victim's Husband


Statement Analysis: Blackburn on Fox News: "I had no idea"


Anonymous said…
Perhaps when Amanda was killed Davey's cognitive memory hadn't developed enough to remember that she wasn't present. So now he doesn't necessarily feel her absence.

Oh, wait a minute, that was Weston. Never mind.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for what you do Watchkeep especially your presence on twitter in regard to church abuse. Thanks for pointing out what is unsettling about this particular case. I truly can't believe people are buying into this guy. One look at the gun prop sermon that happened two days before her murder and was actually posted a week after her murder made me gasp. Insensitive in the least, sinister most likely.
Jane said…
I just watched the interview with Noble. Davey shows no emotion whatsoever, glosses over his wife's murder, while smiling & discussing the sights in Israel. Acts like a celebrity discussing his latest movie on a talk show. Throws out catch phrases like " worship over worry" and rationalizes that his wife's murder was allowed to happen by God to spark a national and international religious revival.

Please keep watching him, Amy.
Amir Larijani said…
I would be interested to know if those arrested and charged for her murder were contracted to kill her.

When the murder first happened, I was fully expecting Davey Blackburn to be charged, but it turned out to be some folks who apparently broke into the home.

But that doesn't mean they weren't paid to do that job. And if they were, the issue is who paid them. If they were paid, I would expect them to be singing like canaries. But that doesn't seem to be happening.
Unknown said…
I would like to know if there was an Insurance policy, if so when was it purchased? Davey Blackburn appears to be living it up. New home with a pool, new car, riding lawn mower, traveling all over the place? Amanda has only been gone 6 months.
I believe he's involved in her murder, but wasn't the person in direct contact with the men who have been arrested.
Anonymous said…
Watchkeep, the marketing continues. Davey is talking to a Donald Miller's publisher regarding Amanda's Journals. He is also discussing his own book deal. Even if he had nothing to do with the murder ( I am still convinced he did), from day one he started the marketing. The Best is Yet to Come, Nothing is Wasted, We will have church on Sunday as usual! Just this week, he told his congregation that Amanda designed the heart inside Indian t-shirt. (the ones he sold at the funeral :() The heart city in the state shirts have been around for over 5 years. I pinned the design on my Pinterest in 2010. They continue to sell those in different colors at Resonate as though they created them. Davey has promoted a Run Toward the Roar tight tank top in the past and just a few days ago the church was selling Nothing is Wasted tank tops. Davey took a picture of himself flexing his muscle in one on Instagram promoting the church selling them. He is trying to be the next Newspring. They have a shop and sell all types of their own merchandise. He is trying to be the next Furtick by making an album with his own church band. He is trying to be the next Noble by writing books. He is trying to be the next Levi Lusko by promoting how to deal with loss. (although, DB didn't seem to really ever seem to be grieving) If you type in Run Towards The Roar on google. Davey comes up before Lusko because of all his self -promotion. Davey is just recycling all those giants that he so desperately wants to become. He hasn't come up with one original thing. He just wants to be rich and famous and disguises it by saying he wants to reach the masses for Jesus.
Unknown said…
So did AMANDA design those shirts, or did someone else?
Unknown said…
I would love to know this as well!! Did he buy a house in Indy?!? I noticed he has a security system in this one. House is well over $250,000.
Anonymous said…
Traci Mosby, she may have decided the city heart in the state would be the best design to use to promote her church but she did not design them. Those shirts are all over the place in the US and have been for years in different states, etc. Davey told his congregation that AB designed them and even had her initials put inside the Indiana state and sold them at her funeral. They have sold them on other occasions to and use them as door prizes, etc.

His house appears to have a pool, library, possibly a home theatre. It is a very nice house. He has a new shiny lawn mower, new car and has traveled extensively. He is now marketing Nothing is Wasted as if it is his own. They sold the Nothing is Wasted shirts at church last Sunday. I sure hope that now some of the proceeds will go toward reaching the city of Indy instead of lavishing up Davey's life.
Anonymous said…
I too am leery of Davey's motives concerning his wife's death/marketing of. However, could it be possible that the church has come forward (after Amanda's death of course) to provide him with this new house, car, etc.? Some denominations do compensate their minister and families with such things after a terrible tragedy..............This might be a plausible explanation. This being said, I can't stand listening to him speak about spiritual matters because I think the man is far off from what Christ intended for him to be. If I'm too judgemental then God will show me where I'm wrong, in time of course.
Anonymous said…
Anon, I doubt his church provided all of this for him since his church was barely 100 strong and that is counting kids. That is about 20-30 families. I doubt those few families could afford to buy him a new house,car etc. He did make sure all donations came in through the church and he started a Go Fund Me page while Amanda was in the hospital. He also explained why Amanda got a life insurance policy because she told him (according to his accounts) that no matter what happened to her, please make sure the church in Indy keeps going. What 28 year old thinks like that?
Anonymous said…
For anyone wanting to put heads together and analyze all aspects of this case, please go to the subreddit Justice4AmandaGrace. There are a handful of posts started to get all the information in one place (watch keep blogs, statement analysis, charge documents, sermon statements, etc). Let's put our heads together and expose the truth.
Anonymous said…
Amy, Davey Blackburn is speaking Sisterhood Retreat for Newspring Church
Do these groups not vet their speakers? What good could it do for anyone? Davey Blackburn screwed over an entire family of 6, dropped his co-host on Nothing is Wasted podcast without even mentioning her again and caused a mass exodus from his church the year before it's closure. He doesn't speak well of women, calling them chicks, etc. His late wife's murder has become nothing more than a "transition time" to him. I am appalled at the lack of wisdom this group is showing and the message he will share with them.

Davey Blackburn
Monday, April 8th
Sisterhood - NewSpring Church
Anderson, SC

justme said…
Why is this guy still out enjoying his life with the "chick he met at the gym"?? Anyone can see that something is fishy with this from day One. Why is he not being investigated more closely??? Poor Amanda. Surely her family must wonder the same thing???

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