Founding and former lead pastor of Fellowship Memphis Bryan Loritts states Rick Trotter recorded a family member and children

Bryan Loritts told me in a public tweet that former worship leader and Memphis Grizzlies announcer, Rick Trotter, recorded one of his family members and that they did “immediately report to police and DCS.” Rick Trotter was arrested on August 9, accused of filming "upskirt" videos while women were kneeling at worship services at Downtown Church earlier this year. Memphis police stated to the Commercial Appeal that no such report was made. Fellowship Memphis says that all of Trotter’s victims were adults. Then why would DCS be contacted?

Fellowship Memphis hires crisis management firm after Rick Trotter's arrest

Rick Trotter's alleged confession

How Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church mishandled Rick Trotter's alleged voyeurism 


WMS4Yeshua said…
Can you elaborate on this issue further?

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