Pastor Davey Blackburn says he and his church are an "overnight success" after the murder of his wife and unborn baby

Pastor Davey Blackburn :: A Conversation from Fresh Life Church on Vimeo.

Anonymous said...
Davey posted on Snapchat that he had been telling his story all over the world this last weekend. He was at his Uncle's church where his interview was going to be played Sunday across several campuses. Resonate had over 300 people in attendance and Fresh Life was also playing it's video interview with Davey all over it's many campuses. He is on a narcissistic high this weekend, indeed.

He is confident, forceful and seems to think he has replaced Jesus in the modern evangelistic church but poor thing just can't stop stuttering when discussing the morning of November 10th. You know the morning, where the invisible Amanda finally shows up in the story in a pool of blood and still breathing.

DB:"Yeah, uh, it was a Tuesday morning. Um, most Tuesday mornings are my long day uh at least during this season of life and so I'd wake up, go to the gym super early. Um, so this particular Tuesday morning, woke up about 4:30, spent some time in the word. Um, I remember um, actually, uh I remember sitting there at my couch and for some reason having this sense of praying over the protection of my family and uh Lord just please protect Amanda, please protect Little Evie, uh, make this pregnancy healthy and just spending some time there and, and grabbed my gym clothes, left for the gym and um, uh came back an hour and half maybe two hours later and I walked into my living room and found my, my wife face down in, uh, a pool of blood and um, she was still breathing but she was unconscious and uh in that moment and you know with, with with trauma and with uh, uh uh a tragedy and be being present in that, your world freezes and goes in fast forward all at the same time and um and so I'm panicking but, but, but going ok thinking that something had just gone wrong with the pregnancy maybe uh that, that everything was going to be fine if we just get Amanda to the hospital um. Levi interupts: "So your calling 911." DB: "calling 911, trying to." Levi: "pray" DB: "Exactly, the whole thing, the whole time the only thing I could do was say Dear Jesus, please. Dear Jesus, please. Dear Jesus please. Dear Jesus please. Levi: So it's bubbling up within you. DB: Exactly" um, I remember the E, EMS got there, um, and I felt completely out of control. Levi: "So you thought this was a premature birth or some sort of event?" DB: I thought some yeah exactly, something was going on, but I was sitting there with her waiting on the uh,paramedics,my, my mind was taking (snaps fingers)snapshots of the things in the room that were out of place and so I remember being able to recall that later when the investigators came to ask me about what was going on you know, how, how I found her." Levi: So, it wasn't a pregnancy, what had happened? Davey: "So, what had happened was someone had broken into our house and uh there were three gunshot wounds, um in Amanda and one was in her head. And so, um, I didn't find that out until we got to the hospital and so um, my world just kind of froze right there and um, um honestly, um, the family comes in and were all sitting around her hospital bed and the only thing we could think to do because we were completely out of control. Control is one of the greatest illusions known to man.

Speaking last weekend at his Uncle Ken Murphy's church, Davey said "we're going to be publishing a collection of Amanda's [private] journals."

Interview with Davey Blackburn from Cypress Church on Vimeo.


Kathi said…
Anne Frank's published journal gives us a glimpse inside a world of hate, destruction and desperation to live. I wonder what kind of world Amanda will show us. That is, if her journals are not edited.
Anonymous said…
IMO, Amanda's real journals went out with the laptop. You know, since according to her hateful hubby, she "vomits" her emotions all over them. "These guys" took a bag of notebooks and a laptop. My theory is some of the incriminating things went in the bag. Who kills a petite young lady over a laptop and a few hundred dollars? Nothing adds up about any of it.
Anon "I" said…
He might as well just tell Jesus to take a vacation since he has this salvation
story all wrapped up with a proper bow and ribbon. Just let him keep babbling
along. DB can handle things and so, he'll just notify Jesus when he is needed
again, right? His designer sheep-skin jacket should arrive shortly.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. - Matthew 7:15, KJV
Anonymous said…
I can't believe someone finally asked Davey about the front door. (it was probably planned ahead to finally address the issue and give Davey a chance to explain) and THIS is what Davey had to say:
"you go through all of these things, especially the unlocked door. It was just kind of habit for us. I would leave in the morning, she was about to get up anyways so I wouldn't lock the door."
They were still sleeping and he PURPOSEFULLY left the door unlocked in Downtown Indianapolis?! It wasn't an accident? He could have said he had a lot on his mind and forgot to lock the door. No, he flippantly said "it was just kind of habit for us?" Notice he doesn't even fully take blame! He said "us" putting the blame on Amanda too. Are you kidding me?
He was ready to stop taking about it but makes sure he lets us know that God spoke to Davey's heart and told him it wasn't his fault. "I do know that You are in control and I do know that this was not my fault, you know and that's what God tells me in the midst of my emotions"
Sorry Davey, if you left your wife and baby at home with the door unlocked while they slept, it WAS kind of your fault. Own it. Of course many of us think leaving the door wasn't "just kind of a habit" but something far more sinister.
Anonymous said…
Amy, you will get a kick out of Davey bragging about how many people were watching him speak all in one day! What a superstar!! Man, what an accomplishment for him that his wife was brutally murdered! You will love the last sentence! (transcript below)

Also, he sure does love talking about numbers! I got a kick out this statement from Davey "not to mention all of the different networks and different internets that everything is going out on." Last time I checked there was only one internet. Maybe in his delusions of grandeur head, he believes he has created an additional internet or two?

From Resonate August 28th

I spent some time sh, sharing our story and sharing the loss of Amanda and sharing what God's been doing in our church and our lives uh, since then to this church in Columbus which runs about 6000 people and so they said, hey, I want you to come in and speak Saturday night and we'll record it and we'll run that recording all day s,s sunday, so like while I am here, getting to be here with my, my church family, they are running a video all day today to uh, um thousands of people of, of me, uh sharing our story and also I got a text message last night from uh, our friend Levi Lusko out in Montana, you guys remember him, Through the Eyes of a Lion, we love him and uh and he texted me late last night, and said Hey, this is the weekend, I don't know if you remember but this the weekend, we’re, we’re gonna play the video you recorded when you were out here in May so to thousands of people all over Montana and they actually have a very huuuge platform, global platform where they live stream their services so thousands of people getting to hear the story. So literally, Resonate church, here's what you gotta understand, this, this weekend we are in 3 places at one time, right? Isn't that awesome? Were here in Indianapolis, were, were out in Montana, not to mention all of the different networks and different internets that everything is going out on and then were over in Columbus, Ohio, so were caught in up in a really great story.

Davey actually said this: "so we're caught in up in a really great story." There are no words! Absolutely stunned every single time I hear him speak.
Anon "I" said…
"Two arms lengths"
Is that like two degrees of separation... ? Plus, all this attention being brought to his story may only serve to increase questions about his action and words. Be careful what you wish for....
Anonymous said…

Just wanted to make sure you knew Amy~
Anonymous said…
This transcript is on the SA site but I am stunned how callous Davey spoke of Amanda in his latest sermon. This is what he says in describing visiting Amanda's tombstone (which sums up how he felt about Amanda's life and story) "It says Blackburn really big and if you’re over looking at the side it says Amanda Grace". It is his story, she is to the side. He also said "so when I got there to the headstone I looked at it and it gripped me cause you’re just not use to seeing your name on a headstone." What the heck!? When he walks up to her headstone he sees his name? He can't even pretend to care or not make it about himself.

I transcribe from about 6:47 to 9:00

I thought about this a couple weeks ago. I went and saw Amanda's tombstone for the very first time, it takes them a while to get the foundation done and pour it and all that and uh her tombstone was up and took Weston there and we took her some sunflowers because that was Amanda's favorite flower and uh it had these dates on it, her birthday and the day she went to heaven. These were the dates and it was it is striking. It’s hard to look at that. Now her tombstone is beautiful. It says Blackburn really big and if you’re over looking at the side it says Amanda Grace and then it has these dates under her and then it says Evie Grace which Evie was our unborn uh baby girl. We were going to name her Everett Grace and it just has that one date November 11th under her and then um uh underneath both it says Nothing is Wasted (pauses looks around) and under that it says Roman 8:28 And we know that God works all things for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purpose. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Amanda was called according to His purpose and I have been called according to his purpose and this church has been called according to his purpose and we’re in a story that we would not have chosen for ourselves but God is writing it and using it and people’s lives are being changed by it so when I got there to the headstone I looked at it and it gripped me cause you’re just not use to seeing your name on a headstone. You're not used to seeing your best friend's name on a headstone and I’ve seen that date July 31st, 1987 over and over and over. When I went to like change Amanda’s social security number right we went to the social security office which (starts laughing in a very mocking manner) was always really, really funny because when we got married and went to the social security office she was signing her name Amanda Byars which were trying to change it to Amanda Blackburn but she signs it Amanda Byars and I am like (shakes it head and rolls his eyes) you can’t sign it Amanda Byars you're now Amanda Blackburn you know (laughs again) your your a new person which somebody in here needs to understand that you have been living in your past and you keep signing your name your old name and in Christ you're a new person and you need to step into that new name which is Jesus, That is just a totally whole another aside right there. But I am used to seeing that date the July 31st 1987 I am used to seeing that but I am not used to seeing November 11th 2015. Every time I see that it grips me. Every time I see that it grabs my heart, grabs my emotions.(shows NO emotion at all!)

He also told his congregation that they will be releasing Resonate's songs to the public on November 11th, 2016. On the one year anniversary date of her death, he will be marketing an album and pretending it is a little about Amanda. They will be busing people from Indy to Elkart for the event. Talk about Marketing a Murder!

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